Every place in the world experiences extreme weather conditions. Some places experience coldness so intense people can feel it in their bones, but other places experience oppressive heat more often than not. Whatever’s the case, extreme weather conditions can interfere with people’s daily lives, thus making them easily uncomfortable. Because of this, people naturally turn to HVAC systems to help them solve this problem. And one of the most popular HVAC systems that people need is the air conditioner. 

          Simply put, an air conditioner is a machine that treats the air in a defined, usually enclosed area, via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler air. This system is considered to be an essential appliance for a lot of people, especially those who live in places that are prone to hot weather. For that reason, as an HVAC professional, it is your job to provide these people with their air conditioner needs. But before you can do that, one thing that you must do first is to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of high-quality air conditioners.

           As your luck would have it, there are so many air conditioner manufacturers or wholesale suppliers out there that you can choose from. Canada, in particular, houses a lot of them. So, if you’re a Canada-based HVAC professional and you’re looking for a great manufacturer or wholesale supplier of air conditioners, here are ten companies that you can start looking up. 

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Top Air Conditioner Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers in Canada

Airlux Air Conditioning

Website: http://www.airlux.ca/

           Established in 2004 in British Columbia, Airlux Air Conditioning is known for manufacturing, selling, and installing a variety of energy-saving cooling, heating, and ventilation products to customers across Canada and the United States. As of right now, the company has offices and warehouses in New York, U.S.A. and British Columbia, Canada. The primary products that Airlux offers include ductless split heat pumps and air conditioners, ventilation equipment, and other related accessories. 

          Positive feedback for Airlux products and services has been received from the company’s customers. Additionally, the company has an impressive portfolio of projects that they have accomplished for about 15 years now, including residential, commercial, government, hospitality industry, and military projects.

ECCO Supply

Website: http://www.eccosupply.ca/

          Originally incorporated in 1960 as ECCO Heating Products Ltd., ECCO Supply is an enterprise that aims to become the best in sheet metal manufacturing as well as the distribution of HVAC-related products. Ever since the company’s establishment, ECCO Supply has continued to grow, and despite that, they still have never wavered from their original vision. As of right now, they still continue to offer an extensive and diverse selection of quality HVAC and other related products, new product training for both employees and customers, and full service and support. 

Frontierair Heating and Air Conditioning

Website: http://www.frontierair.ca/

          Frontierair Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is an HVAC company that is located in Toronto, Canada. In particular, the company provides sales, installation, and service of heating and cooling products for homes and businesses in Southern Ontario. 

          Some of their most commonly known products include commercial ductless air conditioners, ductless air conditioners, central air conditioners, furnaces, fireplaces, humidifiers, thermostats, and gas barbecues. In addition to offering these products, Frontierair also offers services such as central air conditioner service, heat pump maintenance, ductless air conditioner maintenance, gas furnace maintenance, boiler maintenance, and fireplace maintenance. 

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Husky Heating and Air Conditioning

Website: https://www.huskyair.com/

           Founded in 1974, Husky Heating and Air Conditioning is a family business that has evolved into a well-known HVAC service provider in the Greater Toronto Area. As of right now, Husky is the authorized dealer of many worldwide respected companies, such as Bryant, Lennox, Armstrong, Concord, KeepRite, Goodman, Honeywell, and many others. 

          Fully licensed and well-experienced technicians always perform the highest quality of work and are available in emergencies all around the clock all year long. Additionally, Husky always offers lower prices than competitors in order to satisfy even low-income customers. 

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Iron Eagle Sheet Metal

Website: https://ironeagle.ca/

          Founded in 1993, Iron Eagle Sheet Metal Ltd. is a company that offers heating and air conditioning products for residential and light commercial customers in Southern Alberta. The company is based in Airdrie, but they also work in the surrounding communities of Calgary and High River. Iron Eagle offers products and services in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. Additionally, they also provide Trane products.

          In addition to offering their products and services, Iron Eagle is also a proud sponsor of the Airdrie Food Bank, a member of the Sheet Metal Contractors Association, and they are in collaboration with Careers — The Next Generation. This program provides a learning opportunity and work experience to students who are interested in the trades. 

Atwood-Gravel Heating and Air Conditioning 

Website: http://www.atwoodgravel.com/

          Atwood-Gravel Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is locally owned and operated by Maurice Gravel, Dan Atwood, and Roland Gravel. These local entrepreneurs have over 55 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry, and so, they are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. This company is well-known for providing commercial and residential sales, service, and installation of heating, air conditioning, and indoor quality products. Additionally, Atwood-Gravel is also a participating contractor with programs that will allow their clients to save thousands of dollars in rebates. 

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M&T Air Conditioning

Website: https://www.mandtac.com/

          Established in 1978, M&T Air Conditioning Ltd. is a full-service mechanical contracting company that provides design, installation, service, and maintenance of HVACR systems. M&T’s certified and licensed technicians and designers are known throughout the industry for their service orientation, professional competence, reliability, innovative long-term solutions, up-to-date knowledge of new systems and products, and their fiscally responsible approach.

          The company’s business is built on one client and one project at a time. Additionally, M&T collaborates with B.C. property and operations managers, general contractors, independent business owners, public facility managers, and restaurateurs to plan and implement cost-effective and high-quality HVACR solutions. 

Canadian Heating and Air Conditioning

Website: https://canadianheatingandair.ca/

          Canadian Heating and Air Conditioning is a company that specializes in the sales, installation, and service of high-quality air conditioning systems and furnaces. The products that the company sells all come from industry-trusted brands, and all these products are also 100% Canadian made. Some of their most commonly known products include furnaces, air conditioners, indoor air cleaners, filters, and humidifiers. 

           Canadian Heating and Air Conditioning has a team that is licensed and trained according to the highest industry standards in the country. And to ensure that their customers get the service that they need at a price they can afford; the company offers cost-effective maintenance and installation options. 

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Napoleon Heating and Cooling

Website: https://napoleonheatingandcooling.com/

           Founded in 1976, Napoleon Heating and Cooling is an ISO9001: 2008 registered company that aims to provide innovative engineering design of HVAC products as well as dedicated customer service. In fact, it was Napoleon’s commitment to producing quality products combined with honest and reliable service that has ensured the continued rapid growth of the company. 

           As of right now, Napoleon operates a 1,200,000-square foot of manufacturing space and has over 1,000 associates. Additionally, the company has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and they plan to continue providing quality home comfort products for the next years to come. 

Air Conditioner Canada

Website: https://airconditionercanada.com/

          Established in 1978 in Montreal, Quebec, Air Conditioner Canada is a company that initially only offered TV appliances as well as air conditioner installation and repair services. However, since 1995, the company has been focusing only on air conditioner sales for residential and commercial applications. To be more specific, their services cover all types of heating and cooling projects. 

          Founded on the principles of quality and customer satisfaction, Air Conditioner Canada has developed an outstanding reputation in different regions of Canada. In particular, they have established a presence in Toronto, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Air Conditioners in Canada?

           It is pretty common nowadays for the weather to turn hot and humid, even for places that are generally prone to colder weather. And sometimes, when the weather does get too hot and humid, it becomes easy for people to feel uncomfortable. For this reason, people would want to have an air conditioner in their house or any other building so that despite the hot weather, the indoor environment will still remain cool. 

           This is then your primary purpose as an HVAC professional: to provide air conditioners and other related services to those people who need it. But before you can offer your services, you should first have a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of air conditioners that you can rely on. You’d want to have air conditioners that are of the best quality, and so, you need a reliable manufacturer or supplier to have them. 

           Luckily for you, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of air conditioners can literally be found everywhere in the world. Canada, in particular, is teeming with these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. The ten mentioned above are only a few of them. There are more out there, but if you’re just starting your search for a reliable manufacturer or supplier, this list is a good place to begin. After all, they have already established a name in the HVACR industry for their critically acclaimed air conditioners. So, if you pick any of the ten companies mentioned above, it’s safe to assume that you’re going to be in safe and reliable hands. 



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