Every country experiences its own share of weather conditions, and for a lot of countries, the weather conditions are more likely going to be hot and humid. And when the weather gets to be too hot and humid, it can interfere with people’s day-to-day lives, thus making everyone easily irritable and uncomfortable. Because of this problem, people are always looking for a solution to combat the extreme heat. And one of the best ways to do this is to have an air conditioner.

Simply put, an air conditioner is a system that treats the air in a defined, usually enclosed area, via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler air. A lot of people have considered this appliance to be incredibly necessary, especially those who live in places that are prone to hot weather — like India. This is, then, your primary job as an HVAC professional: to provide high-quality air conditioners to your customers. But before you can help these people, it is important that you first find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of air conditioners.

Fortunately, there are so many air conditioner manufacturers or wholesale suppliers out there that you can choose from. India, in particular, is packed with a lot of them, considering that this country is tropical and the demand for air conditioners here is relatively high. So, if you’re an HVAC professional based in India and you’re looking for a great manufacturer or wholesale supplier of air conditioners, here are ten companies that you can consider looking up.

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Top Air Conditioner Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in India

Intec India

Website: https://www.intec.co.in/

Founded in 1989, Intec Group is one of the foremost OEMs in the field of white goods and home appliances that are associated with multinationals as well as renowned Indian brands. The companies in this group are well-known to the industry for having vast hands-on experience in the field of manufacturing. Additionally, they have been accepting challenges and delivering phenomenal results in regard to cost, quality, and service within the time frame required by their customers.

As a result, their wide array of products, which includes air conditioners, LED TVs, washing machines, water heaters, and commercial LED TV, are extensively used by numerous clients and customers. As of right now, Intec is entering into other sectors and regularly searching the various available avenues for diversification.

Unique Air Tech

Website: https://www.uniqueairtech.in/

Established in 2004, Unique Air Tech is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and service provider of refrigeration plant and equipment. Some of the company’s most popular products include chilling plants, ice plants, cold storage, air conditioners, as well as HVAC components such as compressors, valves and fittings, condensers, chillers, and more.

Unique Air Tech has an appointed team of professionals that helps out in carrying out all business activities efficiently. Furthermore, they also have a large and spacious warehouse for the bulk storage of their products. For that reason, Unique Air Tech has won the trust of so many valued clients, such as AMUL, Alembic Ltd., Transpek Ltd., RPG Life Science Ltd., and Deepak Nitrite Ltd.

RA Agencies 

Website: https://www.paradisindia.in/

Established in 2006, RA Agencies Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned enterprise that deals with the manufacturing, exporting, and importing of a qualitative assortment of air conditioners. In particular, the company has a wide product range that includes portable air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, and movable air conditioners.

Modern and cutting-edge machinery is used for ensuring streamlined manufacturing of air conditioners. Because of the use of the latest technology, RA Agencies’ air conditioners are known for their user-friendly operation and energy-efficient design. Additionally, the products come with a variety of specifications, thus ensuring that the company has an air conditioner that will suit anyone’s needs. For that reason, their products have been well-received by their customers from all over the world.

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Drycool Systems India

Website: https://www.drycoolchiller.com/

Incorporated in 1999, Drycool Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO9001: 2008 certified company that is engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of industrial water chillers and other commercial air conditioning systems. They also provide chiller accessories and panel air conditioners that are required for maintenance purposes. In addition to offering these products, the company also undertakes complete turnkey projects for commissioning and installing chilling plants and chilled water systems.

Drycool’s products are renowned for their remarkable attributes, such as perfect finish, longer service life, optimum performance efficiency, easy installation, speedy operation, and lesser cost of maintenance. Moreover, the company caters to the requirements of manufacturing units, pharmaceutical and chemicals, food and beverages, colleges, private institutions, injection molding industry, anodizing industry, multilayer, and pp films industry.

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Transcold Appliances

Website: http://www.transcoldappliances.in/

Established in 2002, Transcold Appliances is a trusted name in the HVACR industry. Over the years, the company has eventually become a top distributor of world-class products. In particular, they source their products directly from manufacturers in Italy and Malaysia and then offer these products to the Indian customers at very affordable prices.

As of right now, Transcold offers a wide range of products that includes air conditioners, cassettes, chilled water FCUs, as well as accessories such as compressors and valves. Backed by a strong dealer network, Transcold has carved a niche for the company in the industry today.

Trust Aircon

Website: https://www.trustaircon.co.in/

Trust Aircon Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1987 as a business that aims to provide consultancy in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Subsequently, the company expanded their scope to include the design, service, and project coordination aspects. For that reason, as of right now, Trust Aircon deals with the sales, installation, and servicing of central air conditioning, process chillers, water brine chilling plants, cleanroom air conditioning, and cold storage products. Additionally, the company also deals with the maintenance and after-sales service of their products.

Trust Aircon’s products are well-received for their durability, energy efficiency, easy operation, innovation, and accurate design. As a result, they have been widely used in a lot of applications, such as hotels, malls, colleges, hospitals, R&D departments, and metallurgical and chemical industries.

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Aarkays Air Equipment

Website: https://www.airwashermanufacturer.com/

Established in 2008, Aarkys Air Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, service provider, and exporter of a wide range of air equipment. Some of the company’s well-known products include air handling units, commercial ventilation equipment, fan coil units, and air washers. These products have been widely used in numerous industries, namely food, garment, cement, steel, chemical, plastic, petrochemical, and process.

Entech Technologies

Website: https://www.entechassociate.com/

Established in 2009, Entech Technologies is a sole proprietorship-based firm that is involved in the manufacturing, trading, and service-providing of water-level controllers, DC solar fans, motion sensors, wireless GSM home security systems, and many more. In addition to offering these products, the company also renders water-level controller repairing service and water-level controller maintenance service.

In order to manufacture the best products possible, Entech has a dedicated research and development center at PSG College of Technology. Additionally, all of the company’s products are provided with complete quality assurance and are well-tested on several aspects.

Kridovia Appliances

Website: https://www.kridoviaappliancesllp.com/

Inaugurated in 2016, Kridovia Appliances LLP is a prominent distributor and trader of a broad range of home appliances. In particular, the company sells microwave ovens, washing machines, dehumidifier machines, wine coolers, air conditioners, air purifiers, electric refrigerators, and many more. In addition to selling their own products, Kridovia also deals with a number of brands, such as White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Iguassu, Candy, and Simpson.

All of Kridovia’s products undergo rigorous tests so as to ensure their quality. As a result, these products are well-received by their customers for their ease of operation, impressive power consumption, flawless finish, and durability.

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Gentech Engineering Services

Website: https://www.gentechengg.in/

Established in 2001, Gentech Engineering Services is a partnership-based firm that is engaged in the manufacturing of air conditioners, VRF units, cable trays, and cold storage. Additionally, the company also provides installation services and fabricated ducting services.

Gentech’s products are constantly high in demand due to their premium quality, unique patterns, and affordable prices. Furthermore, the company ensures that the products will be delivered in a timely manner to their clients. Gentech has gained a huge client base in the market because of their dedication to quality service.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Air Conditioners in India?

Extremely hot and humid weather conditions are incredibly annoying for everyone. It can interfere with people’s daily lives, thus making it a great inconvenience. Because of this, people are always looking for a solution to combat this specific problem. And one proven solution is to have an air conditioner.

As a result, air conditioners are widely sought-after nowadays. And as an HVAC professional, it is your job to provide air conditioners and other related services to those people who need it. But before you can offer your services, you should first have a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of air conditioners by your side. You’d want to offer air conditioners that are of the best quality to your customers, and so, you need a reliable manufacturer or supplier to have them.

Luckily for you, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of air conditioners exist everywhere. India, in particular, houses a lot of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. The ten mentioned above are only a few of them. There are definitely more out there, but if you’re just starting your search for a reliable manufacturer or supplier, this list is a good place to begin. After all, the ten companies mentioned above have already established a name in the HVACR industry for their critically acclaimed air conditioners. For that reason, you can never really go wrong with whichever company you pick from the list. You can safely assume that the company you will pick from the list will provide you with the service that you need.


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