For some people living in the world, a boiler is a great investment to have. This is primarily because a boiler, which is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated, is a device that has so many various applications. For one thing, it can be used for heating applications, such as water heating and central heating, which is good news for people who live in a place with an extremely cold climate. They are also used to create power , cooking, and sanitation. Basically, a boiler is just an all-around versatile device, and it’s not a surprise that people would like to have one for themselves.

And these people who need a boiler will usually come to you since you’re an HVAC professional. Once they do, you should make sure that you’re well-equipped to help them. One thing that you must do is find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier who can provide you with quality boilers to offer to your customers. Luckily for you, boiler manufacturers and suppliers can be found everywhere, particularly in Pakistan. So, if you’re in Pakistan and you’re looking for a boiler manufacturer or supplier, here are ten companies that you can consider:

Top Boiler Wholesale Suppliers/Manufacturers in Pakistan

Encom Pakistan


Encom Pakistan is a privately held company that started as a small office and has blossomed into an interconnected organization of more than a dozen dedicated performers. The company’s main area of work is the supply and installation of boilers, burners, hot water pumps, complete biscuit lines, and other types of machinery. Additionally, they deal with solutions as vast as providing state-of-the-art firing systems, complete heating systems like steam boilers to providing complete plants for industrial bakeries and other food branches. 

In addition to boilers, Encom also provides Gefran drives and inverters, Gefran linear movement transducers, and Gefran pressure controllers. As of right now, the company is the exclusive business partner of Bosch Boilers, Weishaupt Burners, Apator Heat Meter, KIMO Measuring Instruments, INTEC Boilers, and ITAL Pump. 

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Descon is one of Pakistan’s leading engineering enterprises with a wealth of expertise in sectors such as oil and gas, cement, power, hydropower, dams/barrages/canals, fertilizer, renewable energy, sugar, industrial, chemical, and petrochemicals. They are renowned specialists in EPC, construction, maintenance/industrial services, infrastructure, manufacturing, and automation and control projects. They also have the essential ISO, OHSAS, and ASME certifications in addition to their own QA and QC and HSE standards. 

As of right now, the company has a global presence that spans the Middle East (particularly Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman), Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, and Kenya. 

DDFC Group of Companies


The DDFC Group of Companies is a strategic alliance of three private limited companies that combines quality industrial process equipment fabrication with plant services and electrical and instrumentation expertise for a comprehensive integrated engineering manufacturing solutions. 

The constituent companies are DDFC Pvt. Ltd. which is a process equipment manufacturing organization, Engineering Kinetics Pvt. Ltd. which is a mechanical construction company that specializes in plant assembly. Flowtronix Pvt. Ltd. is an electrical and instrumentation company that specializes in the design, obtaining, installation, and commissioning. All these three companies combine their expertise for PPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning) projects of varying magnitudes. 

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International Fabrication


Established in 1976, International Fabrication Company is an ISO9001: 2000 certified company that serves Pakistan in the field of mechanical engineering. They are known for the fabrication, manufacture, and commissioning of industrial projects as well as fabrication of vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, steam boilers, LPG bowsers, bulk transportation equipment, conveyors, cyclones, vacuum drums, hatchery plants, kiln shell, ducts, structure, and verity of other equipment. Additionally, they have a strong edge on project/product planning, monitoring, controlling, and evaluation. As a result, they have established a great reputation among their customers. 

FBL Group


FBL Group is a company that is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and energy solutions for facilities throughout Pakistan. The company provides a long list of state-of-the-art and specialized services. Some of these services involve coal-fired power plants, coal-fired boilers, coil-fired thermo-oil heaters, coal-fired hot air systems, oil-/gas-fired steam boilers, steam generators WHRBs, HRSGs, and all types of industrial productions, installations, and piping’s. Additionally, the company offers technical support to various industries throughout the country. 


New Challenger Engineering Services


New Challenger Engineering Services designs and manufactures reliable and efficient steam generators/boilers for the garment industry, laundry industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industry. It is the company’s specialty to manufacture the products based on their customer’s specifications. Additionally, their products are made up of raw materials that are sourced from reliable manufactures. They are constructed and tested according to international standards.

Paktech Engineering


Paktech Engineering, or more commonly known as Pak Boilers, is a family-run business company that has a long tradition in the engineering industry. The company was founded by Azeem Uddin Shaikh, and in 2005, it was passed down onto his sons. Pak Boilers offers a wide range of products and services. Some of these products and services include installation of steam boilers, carrying out all pipe works, full factory machinery installation, carrying out all kinds of fabrication work, chemical dosing installations, RO plant installation, steam boiler importing facilities from the U.K./E.U., and custom clearance facility to help customers save their time and money. In addition to that, they also offer services in consulting, sales, and training. 

Heavy Mechanical Complex


Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) Ltd. is a leading engineering and manufacturing enterprise in Pakistan. The company also has the largest and most extensive fabrication and machining facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, they have gained rich experience in designing and manufacturing of large projects through collaboration with internationally reputed engineering organizations. Some of their bestselling products are sugar plants, cement plants, boilers, oil and gas processing plants, cranes, hydro-power plants, overhead pedestrian bridges, steel structures, and railway equipment. 

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Qidwai Associates Pakistan


Qidwai Associates Pakistan is one of the top steel fabrication and assembly mechanical engineering companies in the country. The company is a reputed leading manufacturer and supplier of storage tanks, tankers, and tankage solutions for a variety of industries. They also provide services in the designing, installation, and maintenance of storage tanks, cooling systems in oil storage tanks. As well as the manufacturing, designing, and installation of any kind of steel structure. Some of their other well-known products include press boilers, heat exchangers, industrial boilers, steam boilers, and boiler maintenance services. 

Moreover, Qidwai Associates has qualified teams for the installation of power plants (oil, gas, coal), boilers, auxiliary structures, refineries, petrochemical plants, and many more. They offer their services in Pakistan, but they have recently started to branch out. As of right now, they have already served in the U.A.E., Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the U.K., Europe, and North America.



Established in 1979, Epic Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held engineering and construction company located in Karachi, Pakistan. The company is well-placed with the major public and private sector organizations that are engaged in process engineering. Additionally, they collaborate with these organizations on very large projects and offer a total multi-disciplined engineering and project execution services. 

Epic offers a wide variety of products. Some of their most popular ones include bag filters, conveyors (belt, bucket, and screw), heat exchangers/condensers, pressure vessels, steam boilers (oil and gas and solid fuel), and waste heat recovery boilers. They are considered one of the most reliable engineering organizations in Pakistan.

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Supplier of Boilers in Pakistan?

There are a lot of things that boilers can do. For one thing, they can provide water and central heating to a building. They can also generate power, cook, and maintain sanitation. Some people consider boilers as a great investment, Because of this versatility. 

That is why as an HVAC professional, it is essential to be ready to provide your customers with this device. But before you can, you must have a reliable manufacturer or supplier of boilers right by your side. And as your luck would have it, boiler manufacturers or suppliers can be found anywhere, especially in Pakistan. So, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one for yourself.

However, your search does have to begin somewhere, considering that there are so many companies to choose from. The ten companies mentioned above are a good place to start your search. This is primarily because these companies have already established their names in the HVAC industry. They have a loyal customer base, thus giving them all a great reputation. So, if you choose any of the companies mentioned in this list, you should be relieved because you are now going to be in good hands. 




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