Just like all kinds of appliances and electronic devices out there, an HVAC system is comprised of so many various parts and components. Some of these parts and components are easily overlooked, such as the copper components and bolts and other fittings. But on the other hand, there are also other components that are instantly noticeable at first glance — like filter driers, compressors, and condensers. Another perfect example of this kind of HVAC component is the capacitor.

What Is A Capacitor?

Essentially speaking, a capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electrical field. It is formerly known as a condenser or condensator, and it is a passive electronic component with two terminals.

The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance. Whereas some capacitance exists between any two electrical conductors in proximity in a circuit, a capacitor is a component that is designed to add capacitance to a circuit.

Practical capacitors come in a wide variety in terms of physical form and construction. That said, most capacitors contain at least two electrical conductors, often in the form of metallic plates or surfaces that are separated by a dielectric medium. A conductor may be a foil, thin film, sintered bead of metal, or an electrolyte. Meanwhile, the nonconducting dielectric acts to increase the capacitor’s charge capacity, and materials commonly used as dielectrics include glass, ceramic, plastic film, paper, and oxide layers. Long story short, capacitors are extensively used as parts of electrical circuits in many common electrical devices, such as HVAC systems.

Because of that, it is not surprising that capacitors are required for HVAC systems. And so, as an HVAC professional, it is your responsibility to make sure that the HVAC systems you’re offering to your customers are equipped with high-quality capacitors. In order for you to be able to fulfill this responsibility, you must first need a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of capacitors to work with you.

Fortunately, there are a lot of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers out there. You can particularly find a number of them in the United States alone. And so, if your HVAC business is based in the U.S. and you’re looking for a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of capacitors, here are ten companies that you can start looking up.

Top Capacitor Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in the U.S.

Gama Electronics

Website: https://www.gamainc.com/

Gama Electronics Inc. is a full-service manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic controls. In addition to manufacturing their own products, the company also focuses on research and development. Gama Electronics’ products include custom electronic controls and assemblies, switches, control panels, and wireless remote controls. These products have been widely used by customers in the automotive, marine, appliance, medical, and industrial products markets all over the world.

Located in Woodstock, Illinois, Gama Electronics has a modern production facility that is coupled with global alliances. As a result, this allows them to offer competitive pricing and timely delivery. Additionally, the company has received the ISO9001 certification, which assures their customers of top-quality products.

Cornell Dubilier

Website: https://www.cde.com/

Founded in 1909, Cornell Dubilier is a leading manufacturer of capacitors for the power electronics market. In particular, the company combines innovative product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, and UPS systems. Moreover, they also provide solutions for solar power, wind power, medical imaging, defibrillators, medical lasers, fuel cell inverter applications, and DC link capacitors for electric vehicles.

Ever since the company’s founding, Cornell Dubilier has continued to develop and produce unique capacitor solutions for next-generation applications in several emerging markets. Their products have been recognized by DESC, as well as by safety agencies UL and CSA. As of right now, the company has ISO9001-certified manufacturing and distribution facilities in Liberty, South Carolina; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Mexicali, Mexico; and Hong Kong to serve customers worldwide.

Tecate Group

Website: https://www.tecategroup.com/

The Tecate Group is a global supplier of electronic components and assemblies. The company is comprised of three operating divisions: ultracapacitors, capacitors, and electronic assemblies. From the corporate headquarters and distribution center in San Diego, California, as well as from stocking locations in Asia and Europe, the Tecate Group supplies high-quality ultracapacitors, capacitors, and electronic assemblies to customers all over the world.

Moreover, the Tecate Group is a full-service manufacturing resource. Their areas of expertise include turnkey design, PCB assemblies, final product assemblies, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electronic components. They also offer a wide array of custom components. Their capabilities include plastic molding, metal stamping, extrusions, and die-casting. As of right now, the industries that they serve are audio, automotive, medical, lighting, and more.

F.W. Webb Company

Website: http://www.fwwebb.com/

With roots going back to 1866, the F.W. Webb Company is a family-owned business that is proudly offering a full array of outstanding products, services, and expertise to residential and commercial contractors and industry professionals. The company maintains an extensive inventory of products covering 15 areas of expertise.

F.W. Webb Company’s core businesses encompass plumbing, heating, HVAC and refrigeration, and PVF (pipes, valves, and fittings). Additionally, they also offer building and process controls, propane gas equipment and parts, ductwork, water systems, commercial and industrial pumps, fire protection and fabrication, thermoplastic piping, high-purity (sanitary) process components, and waterworks products. Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, F.W. Webb Company has more than 80 locations in nine states throughout the Northeast.


Website: http://www.cd-aero.com/

Aerovox, also known as CD Aero, is a leading provider of film capacitors for industrial, medical, and specialized applications serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors. The company has been an industry leader since 1922 and has headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Additionally, they also have world-class manufacturing and testing facilities in the U.S.A., China, and India, thus enabling quick turnaround for shipping and delivery worldwide.

All manufacturing facilities operate using Lean Six Sigma manufacturing processes and are under an ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. As a result, Aerovox’s capacitors are among the world’s most reliable electronic components. The company’s extensive custom design and development capabilities, coupled with broad, standardized product offerings, allow Aerovox to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that surpass customer application requirements.

Admat Refractory Metals

Website: https://www.admatinc.com/

Since 1997, Admat Refractory Metals has been a leader in providing refractory metals in all mill forms, machined parts, sputtering targets, and furnace parts. In particular, they offer a wide selection of mill forms, including tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, as well as foils, strips, sheets, plates, rods, wires, tubes, powders, and machined parts to fit the exact specifications of their clients.

As an American company, Admat has an efficient blend of manufacturing and fabrication in both the United States and China. The company also serves a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, lighting, medical, defense, semiconductor or electronics, capacitors, chemical processing, and energy. With over 50 years of refractory metals experience, the Admat team delivers superior customer service, fast and reliable deliveries, and unwavering product quality.

NetSource Technology

Website: https://www.nstechnology.com/

Founded in 1997, NetSource Technology Inc. is one of the largest independent stocking distributors of electronic components and global procurement services. The company’s specialty is locating hard-to-find, obsolete, end-of-life (EOL), and highly allocated components with long lead times. In particular, their most popular products include cables, adapters, hubs, wireless and range extenders, HDMI switches and splitters, graphics and video cards, SSD drives, LCDs, memory-integrated circuits, and network switches. Other popular products include relays, connectors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, amplifiers, converters, diodes, transistors, and trigger devices.

NetSource Technology Inc. provides comprehensive supply chain solutions to OEMs and contracts manufacturers worldwide. Some of the industries that the company services are telecom, IoT, mobile, automotive, medical, and aerospace organizations.

Thermal Devices

Website: https://www.thermaldevices.com/

Thermal Devices is a distributor of industrial heaters and power, temperature, and process control products for applications, such as plastic processing, semiconductor manufacturing, drying and curing, and extrusions. Some of the company’s most well-known products include cartridges, cables, and infrared radiant heaters, control panels, solid-state relays, contactors, power supplies, and circuit breakers.

The products of Thermal Devices are extensively used in manufacturing applications, such as distilleries, food packaging and processing, pollution control, chemical processing, medical manufacturing, and any other manufacturing industry that uses heat in their processes. Additionally, the products meet various standards, including CSA, TUV, CE, and IEC. They are UL-listed and RoHS-compliant as well.

High Energy Corporation

Website: http://www.highenergycorp.com/

High Energy Corporation is a manufacturer of custom and standard oil-filled and ceramic high-voltage and high-frequency capacitors for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The company’s capacitors have been used for induction heating power supplies, X-ray equipment, broadcast equipment, cable fault finders, plasma generators, RF power supplies, dielectric heating, and lasers. Moreover, other options for their products include temperature compensating, high-frequency, high-voltage, and high-current capacitors. All of their capacitors are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Condenser Products

Website: http://www.condenser.com/projects/condenser/

Condenser Products is a manufacturer of high-voltage and oil-filled capacitors. The company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1934 and operated in the area until 1958 when it was relocated to Florida and established in its present facility in 1959. In 1998, the company was purchased by the current owner, Jeff Fielder, and was renamed Custom Capacitors, Inc. DBA Condenser Products.

Condenser Products manufactures high-voltage, high-energy, and oil-filled capacitors with polyester (mylar), polypropylene, and Teflon materials with paper as an agent. In order to impregnate the capacitors, they make use of either mineral oil or silicone oil. Condenser Products manufactures capacitors on a custom basis, from one unit to a thousand. And the company is also able to provide a product that is high in quality at a reasonable price.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Suppliers of Capacitors in the United States?

Out of all the parts and components that make up an HVAC system, a capacitor is one of the most important. Simply put, a capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electrical field. Because of this, they are widely used as parts of electrical circuits in many common electrical devices, such as HVAC systems.

With all of that said, it is your responsibility as an HVAC professional to make sure that the HVAC systems you’re selling are equipped with the best capacitors. In order to do this, you first need to find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of capacitors that you can rely on.

As your luck would have it, there are so many of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers that exist out there. The United States of America alone has a number of them. That is why if your business is based in the U.S. and you’re in dire need of a capacitor manufacturer, you’re not going to have a difficult time finding one.

Despite that, however, it still does seem a little intimidating to start your search because of the large number of manufacturers and wholesalers available. Because of this, you need a starting point. This list can then be your starting point — the one that will give you a head start in your search.

The ten companies mentioned above are only some of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of capacitors in the U.S. There are obviously hundreds of them out there. But to help you get started, you can begin your search with these ten companies. After all, they are already reputable and renowned names in numerous industries, including HVACR, so you know you can trust them. Essentially speaking, you can choose any of the companies listed above, and you can expect that you’re going to be in safe and reliable hands.



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