An HVAC system, particularly the air conditioner, is comprised of a lot of components, and out of all of them, one that is considered to be extremely important is the charging hose. As you’re probably well-aware, a charge — in the context of the HVAC industry — refers to the process of adding refrigerant to the system, and the charging hose is essentially the device that makes this happen. The way the charging hose works is that it allows the refrigerant, which is stored in a sealed system, to move from the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser and then back again. 

         Basically, from the description of the charging hose’s primary task, anyone can tell that the charging hose is, indeed, necessary for an HVAC system. After all, the refrigerant is the one that aids in the overall cooling factor of the system, so without it and the charging hose, the system will practically be useless. 

         Because of the importance that the charging hose imposes on an HVAC system, you should then make sure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers have high-quality charging hoses. One way in which you’d be able to do that is to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier that will provide charging hoses for your business. 

         Luckily for you, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers can literally be found everywhere. India alone has quite a number of them. And so, if you’re in India and your dire need of a charging hose manufacturer or wholesale supplier, then here are ten companies that you can look up.

Top Charging Hose Manufacturers in India

Sonex Trading


         Since the company’s establishment in 2015, Sonex Trading Co. has gained success in the HVAC market by manufacturing, exporting, and importing a remarkable array of refrigeration products. Some of their most popular products include rotary compressors, refrigeration tool kits, water coolers, milk coolers, and more. 

         In addition to manufacturing their own products, Sonex is also the official sub-distributor of The Refrigeration House, which has been the pioneer in the market since 1979 and has served a lot of clients in several industries. Because of this, Sonex has a wide reach of clients, ranging from five-star hotels to reputed multinationals. 

M.P. Electric and Refrigeration 


         Established in 1991, M.P. Electric and Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler of a wide assortment of industrial valves and condensing units. Aside from industrial valves and condensing units, the company also offers other products, such as compressors, refrigerant gases, axial fans, refrigerant lubricants, insulation tubes, copper pipes, and many more. 

All these products are designed under the direction of the company’s engineers and using supreme grade components with set market norms. For this reason, the products are highly acclaimed for their features such as easy to use, damage resistance, flawless functioning, and lightweight. Additionally, since M.P.’s clients are diverse, the products are also made available in a variety of options. 

Galaxy International


         Founded in 1986, Galaxy International is an enterprise that aims to manufacture and supply premium quality refrigeration tools under the brand name “Galaxy.” Some of the company’s most commonly known products include tube cutters, charging hoses, pinch-off pliers, swaging tools, Teflon tapes, ratchet wrenches, and much more. 

         It is one of the company’s primary goals to help save the ozone layer from further depletion. And so, for over thirty years now, they have manufactured products that are environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective and high-quality. They will continue to produce this kind of product in the years to come. 

B.P. Refcool


         Incepted in 2015, B.P. Refcool is a leading manufacturer, importer, and trader of digital vacuum gauges, vacuum pumps, vacuum charging units, and tube cutters. In order to make sure that these products are of the best quality, the company procures only the quality-assured materials from their reliable vendors. Additionally, their infrastructure is also well-equipped with the latest technology. Because of all this, B.P. Refcool’s products have passed the international standards, and they are widely appreciated by their customers. 

Eastman Pneumatics and Hydraulics


         Founded in 1999, Eastman Pneumatics and Hydraulics is a manufacturer that primarily focuses on industrial hoses and pipes. Under this range, the company offers industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, and steam hoses. Eastman assures that the manufacturing process of these products highly focuses on quality and reliability. Additionally, these hoses and pipes are also made available in a variety of options so as to cater to all the needs of the customers. 

Frigtools Refrigeration and Engineering Company


         Established in 1961, Frigtools Refrigeration and Engineering Company is a prominent manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning servicing equipment. The company manufactures all of their products under the supervision of highly expert professionals with the help of sophisticated machinery. Frigtools has won the Nirata Innovation Award for the year 2002 because of their dedication to the products’ quality. 

         Furthermore, the company also developed in the past evacuating and charging units for Hidecor, and these units were distributed to the Hidecor training partners in various states of India. The company has also supplied their top-class teaching equipment for the Center of Excellence Institute. As of right now, Frigtools has delivered their products to their customers in various parts of the world, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. 

Rothenberger India


         For over 60 years now, Rothenberger India Pvt. Ltd. has been a worldwide leader in producing innovative and technologically demanding pipe tools and machines for lavatory, climate-control, gas, and environmental technology. Additionally, as the preferred partner of professional users, the company also offers complete solutions for pipe installations and associated service and maintenance work. With more than 5,000 products, Rothenberger offers the world’s most complete line of modern premium pipe tools and machines as well as environmental technology.

Hindustan Refrigeration Stores


         The Hindustan Group started their flagship firm, the Hindustan Refrigeration Stores, in 1947. The company represents most global manufacturers and plays an important role in the setting up of cold stores in Northern India. Additionally, they have also ventured into the manufacturing activity and have developed ice-cream manufacturing and dispensing equipment. Soon enough, the company is able to manufacture a wide range of refrigeration products, ranging from chillers to industrial gases such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and metron. 

         Hindustan is known for their dependability and reliability. For that reason, they represent a lot of leading icons, such as RefComp, SRM Tee, Danfoss, Emerson, Embraco, Chemours, Chemplast, Higac, Kyowa, Emkarate, Fuchs, Voltas, Haier, and more. 

Flowtech Products Company


         Established in 1980, Flowtech Products Company is considered as one of the leaders in the design and manufacturing of advanced equipment and components for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Located in Northern India, the company has a wide product line that includes vacuum pumps, evacuating and refrigerant charging, refrigerant recovery units, automobile A/C refrigerant recovery recycling and recharging units, suction accumulators, oil separators, liquid receivers, and many more. Flowtech takes pride in the fact that their product line is capable of providing focused solutions for today’s safety and environmental concerns. 

Aircon Refrigeration Company


         Established in 1989, Aircon Refrigeration Company is a reputed manufacturer, supplier, and trader of Anergy valves, Siemens HVAC products, Castel Italy Solenoid valves, EVCO Universal controllers, Asian First Brand KWT tools, RANCO pressure controls, Value vacuum pumps, Imperial USA tools, and many more. These products are manufactured using quality-permitted raw materials and electronic mechanisms. And on top of that, they are being sold at reasonable prices. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Charging Hose Manufacturer in India?

         A charging hose is one of the most important components of an HVAC system, particularly air conditioners. Simply put, a charging hose is the one that helps add a charge of refrigerant, which is the one that aids in the overall cooling factor, to a system. The hose achieves this by allowing the refrigerant, which is stored in a sealed system, to move from the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser and then back again.

        Because of that, charging hoses are incredibly needed for a lot of HVAC systems, and so, HVAC professionals like you should make sure that the HVAC units you’re offering to your clients are well-equipped with the best charging hoses. For you to be able to do that, you need to find a trustworthy manufacturer or wholesale supplier of charging hoses first. 

        Fortunately for you, there are literally hundreds — or even thousands — of charging hose manufacturers and wholesale suppliers all over the world. India, in particular, is famous for housing quite a number of them. For this reason, finding the right manufacturer for you shouldn’t be such a hard thing to do. 

       The ten companies listed above are only a few of the most popular ones out there in India. You can definitely still find a lot more, but for the sake of getting your search started, you can begin with these ten companies. After all, they have already established their names in the HVAC industry. And in addition to that, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to vouch for their products. Basically, the companies mentioned above are all reliable and well-renowned. As a result, you can pick any of them, and you’ll definitely be satisfied with their service.



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