An HVAC system is a complex kind of device that is made up of so many important parts and components. At first glance, some of these components may seem unremarkable — such as screws and bolts — but others really stand out. One of the components that do stand out is the coaxial heat exchanger. 

What Is A Coaxial Heat Exchanger?

         Essentially speaking, a coaxial heat exchanger is a kind of tube heat exchanger that is typically used as a condenser or evaporator in a heat pump, marine air conditioners, swimming pool, water chiller, and other kinds of HVAC systems. It is designed as a “tube in tube” structure, with the outer tube made of steel or copper and the inner tube made of titanium, copper, or copper-nickel. Additionally, the structure of a coaxial heat exchanger can be round, rectangle, spiral, double helix, and so on. 

         The way a coaxial heat exchanger works is that the water will mostly flow in the inner tube while the refrigeration flows between the outer and inner tubes (this is known as the refrigeration loop). And since the temperatures of refrigeration and water are different, the heat will transfer from one with the high temperature to the other one. This is the counter-flow heat transfer principle, which allows the extensive exploitation of the super-heating of the refrigerant vapor and a super-cooling of the liquid refrigerant. 

Top Coaxial Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in the World

         With all of that said about the primary task of a coaxial heat exchanger, it is not a surprise that it is considered as an important component for some HVAC systems. Because of this, as an HVAC professional, the responsibility falls onto your shoulders to make sure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers have quality coaxial heat exchangers in them. One way that you’ll be able to do that is to find yourself a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of coaxial heat exchangers. 

         As your luck would have it, there are literally thousands of coaxial heat exchangers in the world. And the majority of them do engage with international customers as well. In other words, no matter where your business is located, you can easily find the right manufacturers for you. If you have no idea where to start your search, here are ten companies that you can start looking up.



         Founded in 1853, Schmöle is a company in Germany that develops and produces finned tubes and heat exchanger components. According to the company, their claim fits into a formula (a1 x A1 = a2 x A2), which they claim to describe optimal heat transfer. This optimal heat transfer is achieved when the mathematical products of the specific heat transfers and surfaces of the two sides are the same. And so, in this formula lies the essence of all claims and services of Schmöle. 

         As a technology leader, Schmöle aims to deliver maximum performance. Their systems — from the individual pipe to the complete system — are modular, diverse, and high quality. 

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Wieland Thermal Solutions


         A part of the Wieland Group, Wieland Thermal Solutions is a global leader that designs and produces enhanced surface tubes and heat exchangers. In particular, the company has four product groups: namely 1) enhanced surface tubes, 2) low finned, medium-high finned, and high-finned tubes, 3) safety tubes, and 4) finned tunes and coaxial heat exchangers. Additionally, in manufacturing these products, they make use of six materials: aluminum, copper, copper-nickel, steel, stainless, and titanium.

         Wieland’s products are widely used in numerous industries, particularly air conditioning and refrigeration, heating technology, process technology, and machinery and plant technology. Moreover, the company has a global presence — with four productions (Germany, Portugal, U.S.A., and China) as well as sales and production on all continents.

Safe A&T Technology


         Safe A&T Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the name of the company that has owned the brand name Dry All since 1990. Safe A&T is the only organized large-scale producer of filter driers, receivers, and oil separators in India. But aside from these products, the company also offers vessels, coaxial heat exchangers, valves and accessories, and more. 

         Dry All has received critical acclaim for their products. In particular, they have received the certifications UL and ISO9001: 2014 for the design, development, and manufacturing of their products. Because of their dedication to quality, they have won the trust of so many esteemed clients, such as Blue Star, Hitachi, Carrier, Voltas, Bosch, and Ingersoll Rand.

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         Established in 1994 in Ningbo, China, SmartClima is a company that started out as a small workshop to process metal products and eventually became a supplier of HVACR products. As of right now, the company primarily focuses on two missions: to supply HVAC products and custom metal products for worldwide customers. 

         With abundant experience and knowledge in the fields of HVACR, SmartClima has also started to study and eventually develop renewable energy products. As of right now, the company has a strong design team, mass production capabilities, logistic services, and after-sales service. 

Fidelity Radcore Heat Exchangers


         Fidelity Radcore Heat Exchangers (FRHE) is an established engineering company that specializes in the supply and fabrication of heat exchangers, mainly for power plants, petrochemical, oil and gas, HVAC, and other general industries. Originally named Fidelity Radcore Company, the company initially ventured into the engineering industry in the early 60s. As of right now, FRHE has gone on to become a heat exchanger manufacturer with decent credentials in Southeast Asia.

         FRHE’s capabilities do not just stop with the generic exchanger types. But they also encompass the specialization in producing custom-made units. Their products have been exported to numerous countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, and much more. 

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Twesix Energy 


         Founded in 2015 in Guangzhou, China, Twesix Energy is a company that specializes in the production of heat exchangers, such as titanium heat exchangers for swimming pools, shell and tube heat exchangers, coaxial heat exchangers, and more. In addition to these products, the company can take OEM orders and can also design products based on their clients’ requirements. 

Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology


         Set up in 2005, Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. (HZSS) is a professional manufacturer that focuses on the production, marketing, and innovation of coaxial heat exchangers, coil-in-shell heat exchangers, and shell tube heat exchangers. Aside from that, the company is also the owner of the global-leading technology of integrated micro-channel heat exchangers and small climate systems. 

         These products have been successfully used in applications like heat pumps, ice machines, water purifiers, pool heat pumps, marine ACs, water chillers, CO2 heat pumps, medical facilities, micro chemicals, aerospace, military, and many more.

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Doucette Industries


         Doucette Industries, Inc. has been a leading supplier of heat exchangers, vibration absorbers, and OEM parts to the HVACR industry since 1975. The company has a wide product selection, and they also have outstanding innovation in the heat transfer industry. In particular, they have been recognized as the innovators of the vented double-wall heat exchanger, which can be used for commercial and industrial applications using potable hot water and meeting requirements for plumbing codes. 

AAB Heat Exchangers


         Established in 1982, AAB Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, exporter, trader, service provider, and supplier of a wide range of heat exchangers. Some of their most popular products include shell and tube heat exchangers, oil coolers, plate heat exchangers, inter-coolers, after-coolers, steam heaters, and air pre-heaters. Other projects they offer are finned tube coolers, cooling towers, oil chillers, condensers, and heat transfer coils. 

         In addition to offering these products, they also offer customized products and repair and reconditioning of their existing products. The reconditioning service includes cleaning, de-sealing, replacement of parts, testing, etc.

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Frigomec SpA


         Founded in 1967, Frigomec SpA is a leading manufacturer of components for machines and systems used in the refrigeration industry. As of right now, Frigomec has two factories in Italy: the historic one located in S. Pietro di Legnago and the new one located in Villa Bartolomea. Some of the company’s common products include liquid receivers, collectors, suction accumulators, heat exchangers, oil separators, oil filters, and much more. 

         Currently present in all international markets, Frigomec has exported their products to countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer of Coaxial Heat Exchangers?

         Simply put, a coaxial heat exchanger is a kind of tube heat exchanger that is typically used as a condenser or evaporator in certain kinds of HVAC systems, such heat pumps, marine air conditioners, swimming pools, and water chiller. 

         In this kind of heat exchanger, the water will mostly flow in the inner tube while the refrigeration flows between the outer and inner tubes (this is known as the refrigeration loop). Because of the fact that the temperatures of refrigeration and the water are not the same, the heat will transfer from one with the high temperature to the other one. This phenomenon is known as the counter-flow heat transfer principle, which allows the extensive exploitation of the super-heating of the refrigerant vapor and a super-cooling of the liquid refrigerant.

         Since some HVAC systems make use of a coaxial heat exchanger, it is your responsibility as an HVAC professional to ensure that your HVAC systems have quality coaxial heat exchangers. Luckily for you, there are literally thousands of these manufacturers all over the world. In one way, it should be easy for you to find at least one manufacturer for your business.

        However, it might also seem intimidating to do your search, considering that there are so many of these manufacturers. With that said, you can use this list as your starting point. The ten companies listed above have already established their brands in the HVAC industry. Aside from that, they have also won the trust of many customers who are ready to testify to the quality of their products, thus making them well-respected. Essentially, any company that you choose from this list would be a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer for you and your business. So, look through each of the companies mentioned, and find at least one that you like.



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