A cold room is a particular kind of HVAC system, and it’s also one of the most common out there. From the name itself, a walk-in cold room is a modular structure that is designed to preserve a uniform temperature inside. It is usually made up of panels with flexible sizes so as to allow enough space for storage. Additionally, since its primary purpose is storage, a cold room is made available in a variety of dimensions and is designed with features for optimal temperature management. 

         Just like any kind of HVAC system, a cold room has many important parts and components. One of these parts and components is, of course, the cold room door. Because of that, when you’re preparing to offer a cold room for a customer who needs it, you need to ensure that it’s equipped with a quality cold room door. And for you to be able to do that, you would first need a manufacturer who can supply premium quality cold room doors for you. 

         As your luck would have it, there are thousands of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers all over the world. In India alone, you can find a ton of them. If you’re in India and you’re in dire need of a cold room door manufacturer or supplier, you shouldn’t worry too much. Here are ten companies that you can start looking up.

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Top Cold Room Door Manufacturers in India

Svarn Infratel 

Website: https://www.svarn.com/

         Established in 2005, Svarn Infratel Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise that is actively engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting, and supplying an extensive range of products for the sectors of wire and cables, prefab structures, refrigeration, retail, and IT. Some of the products that the company offers include wires and cables, cold rooms, telecom shelters, water coolers, structural roofing systems, cold storage doors, portacabins, site offices, and more. 

         These products are manufactured in compliance with the set industry norms. Additionally, high-quality raw materials and advanced technology are used under the strict guidance of their experts. As a result, the products are known for their sturdy design, fine finish, excellent design, robust construction, and easy installation. These products also come in various specifications and customization’s and are shipped to customers in Indian subcontinents.

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Sigma Refrigeration

Website: https://www.sigmarefrigeration.in/

         Established in 1999, Sigma Refrigeration is a well-known manufacturer, exporter, and service provider of refrigeration parts and equipment. The products that the company offers include food cold storage plants, industrial refrigeration plants, CA cold storage plants, condensers, and many more. In addition to that, they are also an authorized distributor of Ribbstyle Coating (Holland). 

         All their products are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and conforming with international quality standards and norms. As a result, they have won the trust and loyalty of so many esteemed clients. Some of these clients include Harshana Cold Storage, Samsung Overseas, Chand Sardar Cold Storage, Mascot Wood Craft Pvt. Ltd., and much more. 

Suniti Constructions

Website: https://www.sunitiindia.com/

         Established in 2011, Suniti Constructions is a leading manufacturer, trader, and exporter of highly specialized fire-rated doors and partitions. Some of the products that they offer include fire-resistant doors, fire-rated glasses, sliding doors, air lovers, blast-proof doors, trap doors, false ceilings, fire-rated partitions, access panels, and intumescent strips.

         These products are manufactured using high-grade raw materials and advanced technology under the supervision of their experienced professionals. Moreover, Suniti has a vast distribution network, and this enables them to easily reach as many clients as they can. In particular, they have exported their products to the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Nepal, the U.S.A., and the U.K. 

Ozla Plastocraft 

Website: http://ozla.net/

         Ozla Plastrocraft Pvt. Ltd. has been a solutions provider to OEMs in the field of automotive, home appliances, electrical and electronics, medical, and other engineering industries since 1995. In particular, the company is engaged in manufacturing premium-quality products, such as cold room doors and PUF panels. 

         Ozla is able to manufacture 500 square meters of PUF insulated panels per day and to manufacture 150 doors per month. Additionally, their products have been extensively used in numerous industries, such as food, clean rooms, OT rooms, and shelters. 

Shreenath Sales

Website: http://shreenathsales.com/

         Established in 1986, Shreenath Sales is a prominent manufacturer, exporter, trader, and supplier of an exclusive array of ammonia refrigeration machines, spare parts, and compressor parts. Some of their commonly known products are valves (such as ammonia valves and industrial valves), cold storage parts, ice plant products, compressor spares, and safety equipment. These products are known for their perfect finish, high-tensile strength, rust resistance, and accurate dimensions. They also come in several sizes and dimensions at market-leading prices to the customers. 

         Aside from manufacturing their own products, Shreenath Sales also deals with companies such as Indfos, Danfoss, Rockwool, and Fieldpiece. 

Supersun Prefab 

Website: https://www.supersun.in/

         Established in 2005, Supersun Prefab Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent organization that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and retailing prefabricated structures, cold rooms, and stainless-steel products. The offered products are designed using supreme quality basic materials that are in line with the industry laid parameters and clients’ requirements. 

         In addition to manufacturing a wide range of products, Supersun is also a member of prestigious institutions like SSI, IPAMA, FSCIA, and UPCBMA. The company also has loyal customers in numerous countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. 

Mitaso Comtel

Website: https://www.mitaso.net/

         Incorporated in 2007, Mitaso Comtel Ltd. is an enterprise that is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and importing a comprehensive assortment of prefab toilets, portable toilets, PUF panels and sheets, cold rooms, cold room doors, and more. Aside from these products, the company also provides the service of fabrication services. 

         So as to ensure the quality of their products, Mitaso makes use of first-grade raw materials and the latest technology. They also ensure that their products undergo regular supervision and strict quality checks before they are delivered to their customers in India, Africa, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 

Uma Puf Panel

Website: https://www.umapufpanel.in/

         Founded in 2002, Uma Puf Panel is a well-known firm that specializes in developing modern-day PUF panels and cold storage rooms. Aside from PUF panels and cold storage rooms, the company also offers insulated panels, prefabricated buildings, prefab shelters, telecom shelters, labor huts, bunkhouses, BTS shelters, and sandwich panels. 

         These products have been used in numerous segments and industries, such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturing. Additionally, the products are critically acclaimed by their customers all over the country.

Ahata Industries

Website: https://www.ahata.co.in/

         Ahata Industries has been a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of a wide range of cooling and refrigeration products since 2004. Some of the company’s popular products include walk-in cold rooms, ripening chambers, blast chillers, storage rooms, combo cold rooms, display cold rooms, refrigeration rooms, water and milk chillers, and ethylene generators. 

         These products are manufactured as per the set industry norms and guidelines and utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. As a result of Ahata’s dedication to product quality, they have won the trust of so many prominent clients, such as KFC, Haldiram Products, Yo China, and All Heavens Restaurant.

Bombay Ammonia Refrigeration Company

Website: https://www.bombayammoniarefrigeration.com/

         Founded in 1994, Bombay Ammonia Refrigeration is a manufacturer, exporter, and service provider of refrigeration plants and equipment. The products that the company offers include food cold storage plants, industrial refrigeration plants, evaporative condensers, and fruit ripening chambers. In particular, their cold storage plants are well-known for their spaciousness, low-power consumption, easy installation and maintenance, and longer service life. These products have also been exported both in India and in other countries all over the world. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer of Cold Room Doors in India?

         Out of all the kinds of HVAC systems that are available out there, the cold room is one of the most commonly known. Simply put, a walk-in cold room is a modular structure that is designed to preserve a uniform temperature inside. Primarily used as a storage, it is usually made up of panels with flexible sizes, and it also comes with a variety of dimensions and features for optimal temperature management. 

         Considering that cold rooms are undeniably important, it is necessary for them to have quality parts and components, especially quality cold room doors. This is, then, your job as an HVAC professional: to make sure that the cold rooms you’re offering to your clients have the best possible cold room doors. In order for you to be able to do this, you would need to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of cold room doors. 

         And luckily for you, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of cold room doors can be found everywhere. India, in particular, is known for housing quite a number of them. Because of that, at least in some way, searching for a manufacturer or a supplier wouldn’t be that difficult for you. 

         However, there are quite many of these manufacturers and suppliers, and so, it can get intimidating to start your search. That is why you can choose to use this list as a starting ground. The ten companies listed above have already established their brands in the HVAC industry. Furthermore, they have also won the trust of many customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products. In other words, they already have a solid reputation. 

         Long story short, any company that you choose from this list would be a reliable manufacturer for you and your business. And that is why it is a good idea for you to look through each of the companies mentioned and find at least one that you like.



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