There are a lot of countries and regions in this world that are prone to a hot and humid climate. Because of this, people who live in places like this would want to have an air conditioner for their respective households. After all, air conditioners will help keep a particular room cool and comfortable, which would be incredibly helpful during the hot days. And in order to keep an air conditioner in its prime condition, each part and component has to be in prime condition as well. One of these important parts that need special attention is the fan motor.

What Is a Fan Motor?

         Essentially speaking, the primary purpose of an air conditioner’s condenser fan motor is to keep the compressor from overheating. In other words, its job is to cool the super-heated refrigerant that moves through the condenser coils of the air conditioner unit, which would then help to cool the house. 

         It’s important to keep the fan motor in its best condition because if it malfunctions, it will also affect the other parts of the AC unit. And when that happens, the homeowner will have to shell out extra money to repair not just the fan motor but including the other AC components as well. That scenario is just frustrating.

Top Fan Motor Manufacturers in India

         Because of that, it is your responsibility as an HVAC professional to provide your customers with quality fan motors. In order to do that, you would need a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of fan motors first. 

And as your luck would have it, these manufacturers can actually be found anywhere in the world. India, in particular, is packed with them. That is why if you’re an HVAC professional in India and you need a fan motor manufacturer, here are ten companies that you can consider.

Amity Thermosets


         Established in 1997, Amity Thermosets Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-growing organization that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a wide array of phenolic molding compounds and phenolic resins. The company was founded by experienced Indian entrepreneurs who have the mission to build a global business enterprise on the key fundamentals of quality, service, reliance, and amity. 

         All of Amity’s products are manufactured at the Valsad and Kandla plant under the guidance of highly experienced technicians. These products also undergo meticulous and strict quality control. Because of this, they are widely well-received for their expansive mechanical and chemical properties, such as great electrical insulation, heat stability, moldability, and low water absorption. These products are widely used in domestic appliances, textile machine accessories, electrical accessories, automotive parts, and many more.

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Enviro Tech Industrial Products


         Established in 1995, Enviro Tech Industrial Products is a company that is actively engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting, importing, service-providing, and supplying a wide range of clean-room equipment, air cooling systems, industrial filters, air distribution products, cooling tower spare parts, and more. 

         All these products are manufactured in accordance with international quality norms and using supreme quality raw materials and latest technologies under the guidance of their skilled professionals. Additionally, these products are also widely appreciated among their clients for their durability, perfect finish, low maintenance, easy to use, and corrosion resistance. 


Altra Power Electrical Industries


         Established in 1993, Altra Power Electrical Industries is a company that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a high-performing range of electric motors, such as single-phase induction motor, three-phase induction motor, AC induction motor, geared motors, brake motors, and much more. 

         These products are manufactured using premium quality spare parts and components that are sourced from authentic vendors of the market. Aside from that, they are also available in wide voltage range and sizes to match the needs of the patrons. Altra Power’s motors are recognized for their reliability, excellent performance, longer functional life, precise engineering, and high-operational frequency.

Optimum Technologies


         Optimum Technologies was only founded in 2011, and yet, the company has become one of the foremost wholesalers, traders, and distributors of an extensive range of industrial bearings and motors. Some of the products that they offer include best-grade wet rice AC motor, bevel planetary devices, helical parallel gearbox, conveyor frame, rigid couplings, portable petrol engine, worm-geared motor, and many more. 

         In order to ensure great quality, the company’s experienced and talented professionals use top-quality components and modern machines. Additionally, the products are manufactured based on industry standards. As a result, they are appreciated for their easy to use, damage resistance, long service life, and lightweight features.

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M.P. Electric and Refrigeration 


         Established in 1991, M.P. Electric and Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. is a well-renowned manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler of a wide range of refrigeration and air-conditioning spare parts and consumables. Some of their most popular products include best-grade AC condensing compressors, condensing units, and industrial valves. These products come in various options so as to cater to the diverse needs of the company’s clients. 

         The company’s products are highly appreciated for their features like easy to use, damage resistance, fine functioning, and lightweight. As a result, they have garnered the trust of so many esteemed clients, such as Emerson, Copeland, Blue Star, Whirlpool, and many more. 

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Established in 2003, Trenstar is a company based in Bawana, Delhi that is engaged in manufacturing a wide array of electrical products. Some of their widely popular products include table fans, electric water geysers, water heater rods, immersion rods, and many more. These products come in the latest designs, space-saving sizes, and different capacities. Moreover, these products are well-received by their clients and customers because they are sturdy in design, impressive in appearance, and excellent in functioning.

Raheja Enterprises


         Since 1994, Raheja Enterprises has been engaged in the business of manufacturing fans, electric ceiling fans, table fans, exhausts, ventilating fans, and many more. The company’s production wing is equipped with high-end devices and tools that are operated by experienced engineers. Additionally, the equipment is always upgraded after regular intervals of time. Because of this, Raheja’s products are deemed as top-quality. The satisfaction that customers have for their products just proves that Raheja Enterprises is on a steady path to becoming one of the leading brands of fans and heating appliances.

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Amit Electricals


         Established in 1978, Amit Electricals is a well-renowned business that is engaged in offering a quality-assured range of electrical motors. Some of the products that the company offers are helical gear motors, helical bevel geared motors, three-phase motors, torque motors, force cooling motors, cooling tower motors, and much more. All these products are marketed under the ATLAS brand name. Additionally, they are known for being high-performing, durable, non-corrosive, and sturdy in construction.

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Ushma Home Appliances


         Founded in 2015, Ushma Home Appliances is a company that manufactures a wide array of electrical products. The company’s primary products include ceiling fans, water geysers, immersion water heaters, water heater geysers, cooler water pumps, kit motors, and many more. The company makes sure to design and develop every single product while keeping in mind the client’s precise requirements as well as temperature and weather conditions of the place where the products are to be installed. Because of their persistence to adhere to quality, Ushma’s products are appreciated for their durability, flexibility, compact, easy to install or use, sturdy construction, and cost-effectiveness.  

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Sonic Enterprises


         Founded in 2007, Sonic Enterprises is a company based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh that engages in the manufacturing of a huge variety of 3-blade pedestal fans, copper ceiling fans, 4-blade exhaust fans, fusion-model ceiling fans, stormy table fans, heat convectors, and more. The company’s products are well-known for their durability, robust construction, and lightweight quality. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer of Fan Motors in India?

        In order for an air conditioner or a refrigeration system to work seamlessly, all of its components need to be in perfect condition. Of these components, one that needs extra close attention is the fan motor.

        Basically, an air conditioner’s condenser fan motor is the one that keeps the compressor from overheating. In other words, its primary purpose is to cool the superheated refrigerant that moves through the condenser coils of the air conditioner unit, which would then help to cool the house. If the air conditioner’s fan motor is damaged, the entire unit will be damaged as well. And for that reason, having a quality fan motor for an AC unit is a must.

        Since it’s been established that quality fan motors are needed for HVAC systems, you, as an HVAC professional, should make sure that your products have high-quality fan motors in them. Luckily for you, you can find fan motor manufacturers and wholesale suppliers everywhere, especially in India. Because of this, the search shouldn’t be that difficult for you. 

        However, your search does need to start somewhere, considering that there are so many of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Because of this, you can use this list as a starting point. The ten companies mentioned above have already established their names in the HVAC industry. Additionally, they already have loyal customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products, thus giving them a great reputation. Essentially, if you choose any of the companies mentioned in the list, you can now breathe easily because you’re going to be in safe hands.



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