There are so many components and parts that can be found in just a single HVAC system. Some of these components can easily be overlooked — like screws and bolts. But there are also others that definitely stand out. A perfect example of this latter kind of HVAC component is the filter drier.

         As the name suggests, the filter drier is a device that has the combined duties of both a filter and a drier. This means that the filter drier removes any particles — such as dirt, metal, or chips — from entering the refrigerant flow control while, at the same time, removing the moisture from the refrigerant. 

         Because of this primary task that the filter drier does, it is not a surprise that the device is considered to be necessary for a lot of HVAC systems. And as an HVAC professional, you should make sure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers have quality filter driers in them. In order for you to be able to do that, you would have to first find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier who can provide you with these. Luckily for you, there are a lot of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers all over the world. You can easily find one anywhere, especially in Canada.

         For that reason, if you’re in Canada and you’re looking for a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of filter driers, here are ten companies that you should check out.

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Top Filter Drier Manufacturers



         Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Trimac is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation industry in global markets. The company offers a wide range of products that includes remote monitoring and management systems for commercial refrigeration, microbial resistant sealant coatings for duct interior, refrigeration accessories, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs), and High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. 

         Trimac’s products have received critical acclaim and numerous awards throughout the years. In particular, the products that have been award-winning include remote monitoring and management system for refrigeration, cold rooms, and display cases, and the microbial resistant sealant coating. As of right now, the company has sold their products to countries and regions in the Middle East, Africa, India, and North America. 

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         Sporlan is a division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, which is one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems. In particular, Sporlan is a company that primarily deals with the development and manufacture of leading-edge HVACR components. 

        Arguably the most popular product that Sporlan has ever produced is the Catch-All, which was launched back in 1947 and is the world’s first molded core filter drier. As of right now, Sporlan’s specialty goes beyond just filter driers — the company has also begun to manufacture intricate electronic valves and controller packages. With all their efforts and dedication, Sporlan has set the industry standard for the development and manufacture of the best HVACR components.

Goldstone HVACR Inc.


         For over ten years now, Goldstone HVACR Inc., also known as GSI, has supplied the HVACR industry with high-quality filter driers, as well as other refrigeration and air conditioning components. With about 60 years of combined HVACR experience, the company has two primary offices. The first — and main — office is in Ontario, Canada, while the second is located in Shenzhen, China. Both these offices have amazing teams in the manufacturing, warehousing, quality testing, and after-sales departments so as to ensure that the products and the service that their customers will get will be beyond satisfactory. 

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Hayward Industries


         Hayward Industries, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of both residential and commercial pool and spa equipment, as well as industrial flow products. Headquartered in New Jersey with multiple branches all over the world, including one in Canada, Hayward has currently two primary divisions. 

         The first division is the Hayward Pool Products, which is one of the largest manufacturers of residential swimming pool equipment in the world. For over 80 years, the company has spawned numerous brands, including OmniLogic, Salt & Swim, EcoStar, TriStar, Super Pump, and many more. 

         And the second division of Hayward Industries is Hayward Flow Control, which is a leading manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves, actuation and controls, instrumentation, filters, strainers, corrosion-resistant pumps, and many more. These products are widely used for water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and transfer, chemical feed, aquatic or animal life support systems, mining, and other industrial processing systems. All of Hayward’s products are sold to countries all over the world. 

Evolved Extraction Solutions


         Evolved Extraction Solutions is a full-service extraction equipment and services provider, based in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company has a broad product line that is divided into numerous categories, namely chillers, extractors, filtration, laboratory equipment, ovens, pumps, safety equipment, solvents, terpenes, tri-clamp parts, and valves and fittings. Their most popular product line is the EV-MASS line, which is a line of engineered and ethanol-based solutions that are PSI-certified and ETL listed. 

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Franke Canada


         Founded in 1911 by Hermann Franke in Aarburg, Switzerland, Franke is a world-leading provider of products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, professional food-service, coffee preparation, and semi-/public washrooms. 

        Because of the many industries that the company serves, their product line is just as wide and diverse. Some of the company’s well-known products include integrated systems for food preparation and cooking (such as sinks, taps, worktops), kitchen appliances, accessories, and more. As of right now, Franke has numerous branches all over the world, and their products have also been sold to numerous industries and restaurant chains worldwide. 

Danfoss Canada


         Founded in 1933 by Mads Clausen in Nordborg, Denmark, Danfoss has become a world leader that specializes in developing and manufacturing products and services for the industries of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, motor control, and mobile machinery. In addition to these industries, Danfoss is also active in the field of renewable energy as well as distinct heating infrastructures for cities and urban communities. 

         Danfoss is still privately held by the founding family. But even though that is the case, the company has currently employed more than 27,000 employees and serving customers in more than 100 countries. 

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         LeDAB was founded in 2014 with a singular goal of providing Canadians with top quality products in the expanding market of laboratory equipment. Based in Montreal, the company has a wide product range that includes chillers, heaters, cold traps, filtration, recovery pumps, rotary evaporation, solvents, extractors, accessories of their products, and many more. LeDab takes pride in the fact that these products are high-quality and budget-friendly at the same time.

         Even though the company is still relatively young, they have already served so many well-reputed clients. Some of these clients include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, L’Oréal, University of Toronto, Boeing, McGill, and other institutions. 

GE Appliances Canada


         GE Appliances Canada, a Mabe company, is a company that aims to design and build some of the world’s best appliances. For that reason, they offer a diverse range of products, and in particular, their specialties lie in innovative home appliances, appliance parts, and appliance services. Moreover, the company prides itself as more than a place to work, but rather, it is also a place of opportunity and growth. 

Emerson Canada


         Emerson is a Fortune 500 company that manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Because of the fact that they serve a wide range of markets, they have an equally wide range of products that includes process control systems, climate technologies, power technologies, industrial automation, electric motors, storage systems, network power, professional tools, and many more. As of right now, Emerson has about 76,500 employees and 205 manufacturing locations all over the world.

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Takeaway: Looking for a Filter Drier Manufacturer in Canada?

         HVAC systems are comprised of a lot of components and parts. In order for these systems to continue working seamlessly, all of these parts and components must be in perfect condition. And out of these components, one that needs the most attention is the filter drier. 

         From the name itself, the filter drier acts both as a filter and a drier. This means that it removes any particles from entering the refrigerant flow while, at the same time, it removes moisture from the refrigerant. Because of this particular task, filter driers are deemed as a must-have in a lot of HVAC appliances. 

         For that reason, it is then your responsibility as an HVAC professional to ensure that your products have high-quality filter driers in them. And luckily for you, you can find filter drier manufacturers and wholesale suppliers everywhere, especially in Canada. And because of that, it means that the search wouldn’t be that difficult for you.

         However, the sheer number of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers does make the idea of starting your search incredibly intimidating. Because of that, you need a place to start. And that is the purpose of this post: to give you a head start. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. Aside from that, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products. Basically, if you pick any of the companies listed above, it’s a guarantee that you’re going to be in safe hands.



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