There are so many components and parts that make up the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. And from these components and parts, one of the most significant is the filter drier. The filter drier is a device that has the combined duties of both a filter and a drier. This means that the device both removes any particle, like dirt, metal, or chips, from entering the refrigerant flow control and removes the moisture from the refrigerant at the same time.

With the primary purpose of a filter drier being established, it is not a surprise that the filter drier has to be in great condition at all times. This is because if it malfunctions, it damages the entire system as well.

That is why, as an HVAC professional, you must make sure that your HVAC systems have the best filter driers. One way you can assure that is to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier who can provide you with these. Good news for you — there is a lot of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers all over the world. You can easily find one anywhere, especially in China.

If you’re in China and you’re looking for a manufacturer, but you have no idea where to begin your search, here are ten companies that you should check out.

Top Filter Drier Manufacturers in China

Ningbo FXT Industrial 


Established in 2006, Ningbo FXT Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and trader in China that specializes in refrigeration parts and oven hinges. However, aside from these kinds of products, the company also produces solar products. Some of their most well-known products include thermodynamic solar panels, thermodynamic solar heat pump units, condensers, evaporators, filter driers, copper fittings, and more.

FXT can customize the products based on their customer’s requirements. Additionally, they also sell their products to many factories worldwide that deal with refrigerators, freezers, and water coolers. They also sell their products to trading companies located in countries like Spain, Bulgaria, the U.K., Belgium, German, Portugal, Japan, and Russia.

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Cixi Xinfeng Machinery


Cixi Xinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in China that specializes in refrigeration parts, washing machine parts, and other customized hardware parts. In particular, the company manufacture different kinds of refrigeration parts, and their main products include copper filter driers, accumulators, condensers, and evaporators.

Xinfeng sells their products mainly to factories in more than five countries that deal with refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and heaters. These countries include China, India, Pakistan, Italy, South Africa, and countries in Southeast Asia.

Zhejiang Maidi Refrigeration Technology


Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Maidi Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., also known as McGrady, is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D and manufacturing of refrigeration products. They specialize in refrigeration compressors, new fluorinated products, automotive deep maintenance products, and environmentally friendly air conditioner cleaners and maintenance chemicals. Aside from that, they also produce refrigeration pipe fittings, such as filter driers, gas-liquid separators, and oil separators.

McGrady has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and GB/T28001 international management system certifications. Additionally, their products have also obtained the UL, CE, CCC, VDE, RoHS, and other certifications. These products have been sold in more than 40 provinces and cities nationwide as well as exported to countries in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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Ningbo Sanheng Refrigeration Control


Located at Xikou Industrial Zone, Ningbo Sanheng Refrigeration Control Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing of refrigeration units, refrigerated air dryers, refrigeration parts, and air conditioner parts. The company also specializes in auto A/C parts, like refrigeration solenoid valves, thermal expansion valves, manifold gauge sets, filter driers, ball valves, and many other kinds of expansion valves for auto A/C.

Sanheng has passed the ISO9001: 2001 and CE certificates. Additionally, their products have obtained the CCC, CQC, CE, and RoHS certifications as well.

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Zhejiang Zhuoer Industry


Zhejiang Zhuoer Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of refrigeration parts for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. The company has been providing their products and services in the fields of refrigeration for over ten years now.

Zhuoer’s popular products include filter driers, suction line accumulators, oil separators, oil receivers, filter drier core shells, liquid receivers, valves, and nuts and adapters. All these products are compatible with all available new eco-friendly refrigerants. They are also sold to countries and regions outside of China, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Europe, America, and many other places.

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Ningbo Purgear Imp. and Exp.


Located near Beilun Port in Ningbo, China, Ningbo Purgear Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in all kinds of refrigeration products. Some of their bestselling products include vacuum pumps, manifold gauges, valves, filter driers, condensers, pressure controls, insulation pipes, contactors, transformers, capacitors, timers, thermostats, remote controls, motors, axial fans, flexible ducts, copper tubes, and many more.

Purgear serves both the OEM and the aftermarket, and so it is their goal to maximally satisfy their customers with high-quality products and competitive prices. Their products have sold well both in China and overseas, particularly in Russia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Shengzhou City Resour Refrigeration Integration


Established in 1992, Shengzhou City Resour Refrigeration Integration Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the refrigeration industry. The company has a plant area that is over 20,000 m2, as well as more than 8 workshops and over 200 employees. Resour has become a multi-functional company that collects matching, designing, customizing, standard production, trading, and maintenance together through their unceasing development and innovation.

Resour is fully devoted to the refrigeration industry service. Because of this, they offer a wide range of products, and some of these are cold room equipment and spare parts, commercial and household refrigerator spare parts, air conditioning and spare parts, and corresponding facilities.

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Jinan Retek Industries


Established in 2010, Jinan Retek Industries Inc. is a professional supplier in China that specializes in refrigeration parts. As of right now, the company has two factories in China, each of them manufacturing different kinds of refrigeration parts. The first one is mainly manufacturing condensers and evaporators. Meanwhile, the second one is mainly manufacturing copper filter driers, accumulators, and access valves.

Retek sells their products mainly to factories that deal with refrigerators, freezers, and water coolers in more than 15 countries and areas. These countries and areas include China, Pakistan, Italy, the U.S.A., and Russia.

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Wuhu Haihan Imp. and Exp.


Established in 2006, Wuhu Haihan Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specializes in bus air conditioner spare parts. Most of the company’s products are OEM for China bus A/C systems, but they are also exported to other countries all over the world. These countries include the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Dominica, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Italy, Germany, England, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and many more.

The company offers a wide range of products. Some of these products are compressors, electromagnetic clutches, filter driers, evaporator blowers, axial fans, shaft seals, alternators, pressure switches, clutch bearings, A/C tools, vacuum pumps, and many more.

Qingdao Hongtai Copper


Established in 1993, Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly specializes in producing various copper tubes and copper fittings. The company is the largest copper tube manufacturer in Shangdong province and the fourth largest copper tube manufacturer in all of China.

Hongtai’s products have been widely used in numerous industries and applications, such as air-conditioning, refrigerating, heating, plumbing, and gas and petroleum. In addition to that, these products have been sold in countries and regions outside of China as well.

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Filter Driers in China?

Air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems have a lot of components and parts. And for these systems to continue working perfectly without any problem, all these parts must be in the best condition. One of the parts that need the most attention is the filter drier.

As the name suggests, the filter drier acts both as a filter and a drier. This means that it removes any particle from entering the refrigerant flow while at the same time it removes moisture from the refrigerant. Because of this, filter driers are incredibly important in a lot of HVAC appliances.

That is why, you, as an HVAC professional, should ensure that your products have high-quality filter driers in them. As your luck would have, you can find filter drier manufacturers and wholesale suppliers everywhere, especially in China. In other words, the search shouldn’t be that difficult for you.

However, your search must start somewhere, especially that there are so many of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers out there. That is why this post exists: to help you with where to start. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. Additionally, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products. Long story short, it’s a guarantee that if you pick any of the companies mentioned above, you’re going to be in safe hands.



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