One crucial thing that every HVAC professional must bear in mind that it is their responsibility to do everything they can to remain on top of their game. This means that they must be updated on everything that has been going on in the industry — such as, what the newest technologies are, what the current market trends are, and what the future outlook is. You must do this so that your service will be a lot better and your customers will remain satisfied and loyal. Otherwise, no one would ever want to work with you anymore.

Luckily for you, there are quite a ton of ways in which you can keep yourself knowledgeable and updated about the HVAC industry. The most popular and recommended action is to attend an HVAC conference or a trade show. You can also become a member of an HVAC association of your own choosing. But if you’re not in the mood for socializing, there is still something you can do to fill your HVAC knowledge well. And that is to follow and read HVAC magazines or other publications.

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Why Should You Read HVAC Magazines or Other Publications?

As was mentioned earlier, both attending trade shows and conferences and joining an association are two of the most suggested methods to educate yourself more about the HVAC industry. But though these two are undeniably great and foolproof methods, they also take a lot of work. These two would usually require you to travel or to interact with other people, so they would take so much energy.

Therefore, HVAC magazines or other publications are great. There is less work; there’s no need for socializing — all you must do is to browse through the pages and read. Magazines even have another advantage in the fact that some of them are now available online as well. Now you don’t have to wait for your copy to arrive through mail or to go to the nearest store to purchase a copy. You can simply buy or subscribe to the online version and read on your desktop or phone or tablet.

Essentially, reading an HVAC magazine is almost like you’re relaxing. After all, you’re simply just sitting down and reading instead of moving around and socializing. But all the same, you’re still filling your brain with more information about the HVAC industry, thus keeping yourself updated. With all of this said, reading HVAC magazines and other kinds of publications is another recommended action that you do as an HVAC professional.

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Top HVAC Magazines/Publications That You Should Read

As your luck would have it, you have a couple of choices when it comes to HVAC magazines and other publications. This is because the HVAC industry is steadily growing, so of course, more people have thought that now’s the right time to publish HVAC articles and posts in any media outlet. The ones mentioned below are only some of the popular ones that you can start subscribing to.

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News


The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News is arguably the first outlet that a lot of HVAC professionals swear by. ACHR News is described as an industry standard for HVAC-related news, including breaking news, market breakdowns, video tutorials, content marketing how-to’s, product reviews, and instructional webinars.

ACHR News was founded in 1926, and since then, this publication has provided coverage on important issues like energy management and home energy solutions, the refrigeration cycle and refrigerant recovery, and HVACR sales and regulations. All the content that you’ll get from this site are well-researched and incredibly relevant, so you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

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HVAC & Refrigeration Insider 


Founded in 1969, the HVAC & Refrigeration Insider is a publication that has represented the durable goods industry and is now currently expanding coverage to include national and regional websites. The print publications include 15 monthly regional papers and a quarterly National edition, which also covers four Western regions, thus making it the HVAC’s industry’s most widely circulated publication.

The HVAC & Refrigeration Insider has two main missions. The first is to help HVACR contractors remain well-informed about issues that might impact their businesses. And the second is to provide the best platform for informing HVACR professionals about the publication’s advertising partners’ products and services.

For that reason, the publication is perfect for both advertisers and casual readers. Firstly, it’s perfect for advertisers because the advertising rates are generally lower than other national publications, thus making the publication the best source for getting the advertisers’ message to their prospects and customers. And secondly, it’s perfect for readers because it provides current news, event coverage, and information for each specific market. Aside from that, HVAC & Refrigeration Insider also publishes job opportunities, industry expos, conferences, courses, workshops, and other events.

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HVACR Business Magazine


The focus and primary mission of HVACR Business Magazine is to provide business owners and managers with the very best business management concepts available. Some of the critical topics that are covered include leadership, management, strategy, finance, sales, marketing, training, education, staffing, operations, human resources, legal issues, customer service, and many more. The publication aims to help contractors master these key management skills and provide them with the necessary resources to build stronger, better, and more profitable companies.

As of right now, HVACR Business is the only information resource that is entirely dedicated to helping the leaders of HVACR contracting firms improve their business performance. Every issue is filled with articles from respected experts on the aforementioned key management skills. And so, 86.2% of their 34,000 readers are owners and corporate-level managers of HVACR contracting companies.

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As the name suggests, HVAC News is a publication that has covered the industries of HVAC, IAQ, controls, and refrigeration since 1997. This particular publication is totally focused on the news. It rolls out daily blurbs about news such as, which companies merged and which technologies just got released across the HVAC and refrigeration industries, etc. Aside from that, it also keeps a calendar of industry expos and a database of HVAC jobs throughout the U.S. So, if you’re someone who likes keeping on HVAC news, then this publication is perfect for you.

The HVAC Source


Unlike the other publications mentioned in this list, the HVAC Source approaches the less-is-more philosophy in terms of content and length. However, despite that, each piece of content is still highly useful for an up-and-coming HVAC professional. This website offers downloadable eBooks, digital trade publications, online training programs, and industry news.

Supply House Times


Supply House Times is the official publication of the American Supply Association. It provides readers with a broad-minded perspective about what’s going on in the construction sector, based on what suppliers are doing and how they’re doing it. In particular, the digital edition of the magazine offers access to the Times’s A-list columns, like Dan Holohan’s Heating Help and Jim Wheeler’s The Air Side. Additionally, it also offers a fantastic multimedia section with a menu of podcasts, videos, an eBook, and a mobile app.

As of right now, Supply House Times has reached more than 27,000 wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers’ representatives of plumbing, bath and kitchen, industrial PVF, radiant and hydronics, and HVAC products.

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Contractor Magazine


The primary mission of Contractor Magazine is to help plumbing, hydronic, and mechanical contracting business owners and managers run better businesses. Additionally, it also aims to help them maintain, repair, and install plumbing, heating, specialty piping, and fire protection systems for residential and commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings through North America.

For that reason, the publication provides unique, interesting, and timely news about the mechanical contracting industry, such as construction unemployment rates and the like. Each content that Contractor Magazine puts up is useful for its readers.

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Engineered Systems Magazine


The Engineered Systems Magazine is essentially a place where the HVAC engineering community at large talks about their ideas, challenges, and solutions for better buildings. Because of that, this publication is written by engineers and targeted at people who work in construction and HVAC.

This monthly publication provides its readers with a great insider’s look into the design and construction process of large buildings in the private and public sectors. In addition to that, the publication also discusses trends in equipment and techniques through an analytic lens.

Takeaway: Interested in Reading Some HVAC Magazines/Publications?

As a professional in the ever-growing industry of HVAC, you must constantly work on improving your service to succeed. As of right now, you have a couple of options that will help you improve. The most popular one is to attend an HVAC event, such as trade shows, conferences, and conventions. Another popular one is to join an HVAC association. But another thing that you can do is to subscribe to HVAC magazines and read them.

HVAC magazines are a great resource for every kind of HVAC professional out there. They are filled with useful information that will keep you up to date with the industry. Additionally, they are also accessible — you can purchase a copy every month or subscribe to the digital version, which you can read on your phone or tablet or other technology. Long story short, reading HVAC magazines is a good way to keep your information well about the HVAC industry full. And doing so won’t require much work from you, which is an added advantage.

There are a ton of HVAC magazines out there, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one. To help you get started, the ones mentioned above are only some of the most popular ones that are read and recommended by fellow HVAC professionals. So, check out the magazines mentioned in this list. And be prepared to get fully educated about everything related to the HVAC industry.



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