For the past years, Chinese manufacturers have been maintaining a significant spot in the global market with their lower labor and material cost on almost all consumer products compared to other developing countries. One of the industries that have made China as the largest manufacturing hub is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

HVAC Industry in China

As globalization proliferates, the HVAC industry continuously strives to address and cater to the growing needs of an effective and cost-efficient heating and cooling services. China alone covers 50% of the world’s air conditioner manufacturing and consuming market and the growth of its production and sales shows no sign of slowing down in the years to come.

Annual sales volume in its domestic market showed 137.9 million units in 2011 to over 160 million units in 2016. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics also shows that ownership of air conditioners per 100 households in urban areas is 107.4 units and in rural areas 34.2 units. The urbanization of China is expected to reach 60% in 2020 and 70% in 2030, a promising future than anywhere else in the world. This growing trend has attracted a significant number of buyers and traders all over the world. Furthermore, making the country as one of the world’s largest producer and exporter of HVAC products, services and equipment’s.

Knowing What’s Best for You

In order for business and residential owners to effectively and efficiently maximize the benefits of HVAC systems, they must know how to identify a supplier and manufacturer that could guarantee a 100% return of investment. Getting to choose the right suppliers and manufacturers could mean greatly to your businesses’ and households’ financial investment.

To help you decide as to what’s best for your businesses and residence, we’ve listed below the best among the best wholesale suppliers and manufacturing companies of HVAC products and services in China that you could choose from.

Top HVAC Wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer in China

Globally, there are tons of HVAC wholesale suppliers and manufacturers that are offering different types and models of heating and cooling systems, which would provide their customers with a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

With the boom in China’s commercial property and high-end real estate that is backed by their robust energy policies, market developments, technology choices and changing occupant behavior, the country was dubbed and known as the leading and largest manufacturing hub of heating, ventilating and air conditioning products in the world. Thus, making the country the most ideal source for wholesale HVAC products and services.

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Haier Group Corporation

Haeir, a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company based in Qingdao, is the major air conditioning and HVAC manufacturer in China with numerous branches in the US, Europe, South Asia, Middle East & Africa, ASEAN and Australasia. It was originally a small collective plant on the brink of bankruptcy that has fully grown into an international company, with more than 70,000 employees worldwide for the past 26 years after it was founded in 1984.

Haeir was a traditional manufacturing enterprise that transformed into a co-creating and win-win IoT community-driven ecosystem. With its wide range scope, Haier Group owns Haier, Casarte, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, Candy, AQUA and Leader as smart home appliances brands; RRS, Haier Consumer Finance, COSMOPlat and Shunguang in the IoT service area; and Haier Bros as brands in the cultural and creative industry.

Over the years, Haeir Group Corporation has been dedicated in providing the first in the world, IoT ecosystem brand. With their products’ personalized features that satisfy the needs of their user, Haeir has risen to be the world’s No.1 brand of consumer appliances.

Midea Group

Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong. It is one of the world’s leading technologies group producing consumer appliances, HVAC systems, robotics and industrial automation systems and smart supply chain.

Its commitment to continuously improve lives with their technological innovations and advancements in creating a wide range of diverse products and services that are typically comprised of consumer appliances and HVAC (residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, heating & ventilation), products has made Midea Group an established global platform.

Since its establishment in 1968, Midea has more than 200 subsidiaries, over 60 overseas branches and 12 strategic business units all over the world. It has hundreds of millions of consumers, some of which are from different areas, numerous strategic partners worldwide and about 130,000 employees in total. The company is holding a majority share over KUKA with almost 95% shareholding. These remarkable developments have made Midea Group as part of the 2016 Fortune Global 500, ranking 450 in terms of sales revenue amounting to RMB 124.96 billion in the first half year of 2017.

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Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai

Founded in 1991 with a development concept of “Independent Innovation”, and a business goal “To build a centenary enterprise”, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. headquartered in Zhuhai has been conquering the global market with their world-class products and services for the past years.

As a diversified international industrial group and one of the world’s largest manufacturers, Gree is known for producing the biggest sales volumes of residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, intelligent equipment, home appliances, air-source water heaters, smartphones, refrigerators, etc. It has its own research development, production, sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

As one of the major appliance manufacturers in China, Gree is headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong province with over 80,000 employees. Gree has established 11 production bases all over the world, 9 of which are located in China, 2 from Brazil and Pakistan.

The company also has 5 bases of renewable sources in Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhu and Tianjing, and 6 subsidiary companies (Lamda Compressor Co. Ltd., Gree Electrical Co. Ltd., Kaibang Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd., Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd, Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd and Precision Mould Co. Ltd). The above mentioned companies cover the entire supply chain from the production of the core parts and components down to the recovery of waste products. In 2018 Gree ranked No. 294 on the list of “Forbes Global 2000 Public Companies” with sales revenue of 150.02 billion yuan in 2017.

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Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Established in 1994, the Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. has significantly and rapidly expanded over the past years by manufacturing and supplying complete air-conditioner accessories, residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigeration equipment, and household electric appliances to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Chigo, is a core enterprise of CHIGO Holding that is based in Nanhai District, Foshan, an industrial city that is strategically important in Pearl River Delta.

Since 2005, the company has grown to be one of the global enterprises that have made air conditioning the forefront of their businesses, specializing and focusing on the AC industry.

CHIGO Air Conditioning industry has received recognition by global import markets and is given authorized certificates for the 200 countries and regions. Their world class products and high quality services make this company one of the many more options to consider when looking for HVAC products and services.

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Takeaways: how to choose an HVAC Manufacturer? 

With China’s rapid economic development and the increasing living standards over the past years, a new wave of building constructions and residential units have prompted the importance of ensuring an efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

Choosing a reliable and cost worthy HVAC wholesale supplier and manufacturer has never been this crucial. The list of all reliable manufacturers in China is quite difficult to narrow down due to the fact that almost all manufacturing companies have their own unique type and methods for producing HVAC products and services. Thus, creating a pool of companies that you could choose from.

In this post, we’ve enumerated the best and renowned Chinese companies in the world that will lessen your difficulties and help you decide in choosing the right supplier and manufacturer that is suitable for your businesses’ and residential needs. The list may be limited only to Chinese suppliers and manufacturing companies, but the above companies are known and recognized globally by their world-class products and services. They ensure to provide quality products and services that you and your businesses’ needs.

As the global demand for HVAC products and services increase dramatically, China is expected to reach $49.59 billion by 2019 as a leading manufacturer of HVAC products, equipments and services. This only shows that investing in the Chinese HVAC industry is worth considering. Choosing the best supplier and manufacturer that is right for your business and residence takes time. It takes enough knowledge about the product or service and it takes a lot of research. We all want a guaranteed 100% return of investment. So, this post will equip and guide you through your potential prospects while presenting the highlights of each company. You can start checking the ones mentioned in the list but, further research about HVAC systems, its fundamental aspects, and the common know how’s remains necessary. 

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