Being an HVAC professional is no easy achievement. This is primarily because there are so many things that HVAC professionals have to do. From having to check that their products are well-equipped with the proper components to repairing broken systems to constantly servicing all kinds of customers, all these tasks have to be done efficiently if HVAC businesses want to remain on top of the game. And though it may seem theoretically possible to do all of these tasks with no problem at all, sometimes, juggling all of them at once can get really overwhelming really fast. And understandably, because of that, HVAC professionals would want to have a solution for this particular predicament. 

          Luckily, in this day and age of technology, there have been software programs that might actually help ease out the troubles of HVAC professionals. These programs can help you accomplish so many tasks, such as scheduling and accepting payments and many more. Basically, long story short, if you want to make your professional life easier, it’s crucial for you to have at least some of these software programs. 

          That being said, there are a lot of these software programs out there. And the number might actually scare you from starting to search for the one that you like. That is why to help you get started, here are some of the software programs designed specifically for HVAC professionals that are taking the world by storm right now. If you don’t know where to start your search, you can begin by checking these ones out. 

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Top HVAC Software

HouseCall Pro


          HouseCall Pro is one of the best overall field service management software available out there. It has a dozen of helpful features, such as reporting and analytics, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, estimates, and payment, GPS tracking, customer-employee communication, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options. Additionally, with marketing options, you will be able to lock down new and repeat customers without wasting too many resources. And on top of all these features, the program has a simple design that is easy to use, so it is incredibly accessible to everyone.

          Because of all these advantages, it is no wonder that HouseCall Pro has been the primary choice for a lot of industries. Some of the industries that actively use this program include HVAC, garage door, carpet cleaning, home cleaning, plumbing, electrical, pest control, and window cleaning. With the broad range of industries that HouseCall Pro covers, you can definitely tell that the program is experienced with managing and improving businesses. 

Service Fusion


          The primary advantage that Service Fusion has over its competitors is its user-friendliness. Deemed as incredibly usable and affordable, the software can be found at or near the top of almost every review-based ranking list for field service software. Aside from user-friendliness, this intuitive and innovative program also offers a ton of other features, such as scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, estimates, and payment, GPS tracking, analytics reporting, customer-employee communication, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options. 

          As of right now, Service Fusion is one of the highest-rated field service software on the market. And it is also currently servicing over 2,500 companies across a wide variety of field service industries, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, IT services, and A/V and smart home automation. Additionally, the software doesn’t have any hidden fees or contract, and so, you will only pay for what you’re quoted when you use the service. 

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch


          Verizon is already a big name in vehicle tracking with Verizon Connect, but it has also become a big name in field service solution with Verizon Connect Field Dispatch. To be more specific, Verizon Connect Field Dispatch was designed with HVAC businesses in mind. With this software, small and medium-sized operations can dispatch technicians, track all past and active jobs, communicate easily, and even use CRM tools to quickly and properly address customer concerns. The software also provides a live map and a mobile app for technicians.

          Verizon Connect Field Dispatch is only available as an add-on to the company’s core vehicle tracking service. This feature is a double-edged sword, depending on how your business feels about the whole idea of switching to Verizon Connect Reveal. That said, this particular field service management software is a bit more of an investment. But even though it’s not really exhaustive, it still does offer a more advanced functionality than any other small business field service software. This can be seen in the live map and the mobile app that the software has. 

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          ThermoGrid is a cloud-based, field service solution for small to midsize residential contractor companies. This particular software offers an integrated suite of applications that will be able to help automate the day-to-day operations of the business. 

          One of ThermoGrid’s features is its dispatching application that considers the location of all available service techs at the time, their skill set, and performance ranking before sending a service technician out into the field. There will also be automatically generated invoices that can be reviewed and signed by the client, at the time of the job completion, on any mobile device. ThermoGrid also has an engineering analysis tool that calculates precise heating and cooling load volumes, based on the size of the space, and an estimating tool that allows for the auto-tagging of parts and equipment so the technician can quote the job without having to do external research. 

          Other features that ThermoGrid offers include a contact management tool that allows users to upload photos of the job site, purchase orders, service technician’s task sheets, and daily management reports. 

          Despite the many advantages that ThermoGrid has, it is also missing a few key features since it’s a smaller company. Some of the missing features include payment options and QuickBooks integration. However, it can still do most of what its competitors can do, and it does come in at a much lower price. 



          Just like HouseCall Pro and Service Fusion, mHelpDesk is another popular HVAC software on this list. And just like the other software programs that are mentioned, this one also helps customers automate everything from the first contract to getting paid. As such, mHelp Desk includes the following features: customer management, quoting, dispatching, invoicing, billing, and reporting. 

          Moreover, mHelpDesk also has other features to support a field service-oriented business, including integration with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for accounting. It offers an offline mode as well, which allows technicians to continue using the mobile app in areas that don’t have any internet or cell reception. And if there is internet access, mHelpDesk is accessible on any mobile device since it’s entirely cloud based. 

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          FieldEdge is a cloud-based field service management solution for home service contractors in fields like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and many more. This particular software allows companies to manage business operations remotely. 

          One feature that FieldEdge offers is the dispatch board, which provides users with suggestions regarding assignee for work order based on the technician’s skill set and the expected location at the time of the job. Additionally, FieldEdge also helps streamline and automate the billing and scheduling of service. And it offers integration with QuickBooks as well. 

          Furthermore, FieldEdge also comes with a native app for technicians that allows techs to access their items, tasks, services, and materials on-the-go. This app also features a customizable price book that helps techs present different pricing options to customers, thus enabling businesses to manage the revenue generated.



          ServiceTitan is a cloud based field management platform that offers scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, and more for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical home service businesses. In particular, the software offers marketing ROI and conversion tracking capabilities, which links every service request call to its eventual sale or missed opportunity. Additionally, ServiceTitan also offers a mobile solution for field workers that will allow them to offer visual sales presentations in the field and process invoices and credit cards instantly. 

          Other features that ServiceTitan offers include custom reporting, call recording, text messaging, and dashboard. The software’s only downside is the limited payment options. 

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          Wintac is an on-premise business management solution that caters to field service, installation, and service contracting organizations. The key features that Wintac offers are work order management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, and fleet management. 

          At the heart of Wintac is its scheduling, dispatching, and work order module. In particular, the colour-coded dispatch board allows users to drag and drop appointments so that dispatchers can monitor schedules and re-assign calls if needed. Technicians in the field can access their schedule remotely through the Wintac web portal. 

          In addition to that, Wintac also offers functionality for tracking current and potential customers, creating estimates and proposals, and managing accounts. Long story short, Wintac is one of the most comprehensive software for HVAC since it allows you to navigate every aspect of your business from a single platform. 

Smart Service


          Just like Wintac, Smart Service is another comprehensive field service solution software. Because comprehensiveness is Smart Service’s key feature, the software allows you to manage every aspect of your HVAC business from within the software itself. Additionally, the software also has a broad nature, so if you decide to branch out into other business areas to complement your HVAC work, this can easily be accommodated. 

          Very much like the other software mentioned in this list already, Smart Service has the following features: scheduling and dispatching, invoicing and payment, QuickBooks integration, live chat customer support, and mobile options. Moreover, since the software isn’t just focused on HVAC, you might also find other features that you can use for your business. 

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          Established in 1999, Coolfront is a cloud-based HVAC solution that allows users to carry and access their flat-rate pricing and repair database on a mobile device. This software caters to small-sized plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contracting businesses. 

          Coolfront leverages a consolidated contracted service workflow. Users will begin by entering work order information and assigning the service call to a field technician. And then field technician’s receiver the work order on their mobile device based on which they can select a repair plan from the existing database. 

          As for invoices, they are automatically delivered to the business office and the customer as soon as the repair work is done. Additionally, Coolfront can also capture customer approval and signature within the mobile app. And it also offers QuickBooks integration and carries over 25,000 repairs on its database. 

          The only downsides for this software are 1) it doesn’t have the ability to call customers directly from the app, 2) its search function is relatively plain and basic, and 3) it doesn’t offer a routing option. 

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Takeaway: Interested in Getting an HVAC Software?

          It’s not easy to be an HVAC professional. With so many things on your plate, it can get really overwhelming for you fast. Because of this, you would naturally want to take any help that you can get. And as your luck would have it, you can definitely find a solution because, in this day and age, there are now a lot of software applications that cater to the needs of HVAC professionals. Whether it’s scheduling, billing, or other tasks, HVAC software applications are here to save your day.

          The ten software mentioned above are actually only some of the ones that are available out there. But even though that’s the case, these ten are also some of the more well-reputed ones, so if you’re just starting your search for the right HVAC software for your business, then this list is a good place to start. The ten companies have already received countless glowing reviews from their users. All you have to do is read through the features that each software offers, weigh their pros and cons, and deliberate which software works the best for your business. 


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