If there’s one thing that HVAC professionals must remember, it’s the fact that they must always keep on improving. This is primarily because working to improve their service is the only way that HVAC professionals can serve their customers better. Now, there are so many things that you, as an HVAC professional, can do in order to improve. And one of these things is to attend a trade show and/or a conference. 

Trade Shows and Conferences: What Are They? How Are They Different?

But first and foremost — what exactly are trade shows and conferences? Simply put, a trade show — also known as a trade fair, trade exhibition, or expo — is an organized exhibition where companies in a specific industry can attend to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services while simultaneously meeting with industry partners and customers, studying activities of rivals, and examining recent market trends and opportunities.

Meanwhile, a conference is a meeting for consultation, education, exchange of information, or discussion with a formal agenda. In other words, it is a meeting of people who will discuss a topic. Usually, what happens in a conference is that researchers present results, workshops, and other activities that are related to their specialized field or industry. But sometimes, other events can happen in a conference as well. An example scenario would be representatives of the press (print, radio, and television) being present to ask questions and the like. 

Between the two of them, the conference is the one that is smaller in terms of scale. It is also the one that more concentrated since its topic or theme is usually incredibly specific. Because of this, the conference is sometimes a part of a trade show. But even with that said, sometimes, the conference can happen independently as well. 

Why Should You Attend a Trade Show or a Conference?

From their respective definitions, you can tell that both trade shows and conferences are the perfect way to stay on top of your game as an HVAC professional. For one thing, you get to learn about the recent developments of the market and technologies, thus widening your knowledge about the industry. And for another, you also get the chance to network with potential clients and other important figures in the business. You can even observe the activities of your rivals and see the things they’re doing right. 

All these opportunities will provide you with benefits in the foreseeable future. And for that reason, it is highly recommended for you to attend as many HVAC trade shows and conferences as you possibly can.

Top HVAC Trade Shows and Conferences in Canada

As your luck would have it, HVAC trade shows and conferences happen everywhere in the world. There are quite a lot of these trade shows and conferences in Canada alone. Here are some of the HVAC trade shows and conferences in Canada that you can consider going in the future. 

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Nova Scotia Ideal Home Show Canada

Website: http://www.springideal.ca/

Date: March 27–29, 2020

Location: Halifax Exhibition Center, Halifax

The Nova Scotia Ideal Home Show is Atlantic Canada’s largest home show. It features a wide range of exhibitors, with everything from basic home improvements and maintenance projects to major renovations and new construction. Essentially, this show will provide the attendees with the opportunity to explore the exhibits of products from kitchen and bathroom to the living room and home decor. 

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Website: https://www.pmspringfest.com/en/home.html

Date: April 2, 2020

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto

Springfest is an event that will provide the attendees with unprecedented exposure to the latest developments in design, innovation, products, management strategies, technology, and best practices in the construction industry. The admission to this event is free and is limited to 1,700 qualified property managers, building owners, developers, facility managers, plant engineers, multi-residential boards of directors, building operations and maintenance staff responsible for office, industrial, condominium, apartment, medical, educational, retail, and institutional buildings. 

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Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exposition

Website: http://www.cmxshow.com/

Date: March 25–27, 2020

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto

The Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exposition, or CMPX for short, is one of North America’s largest trade shows for the mechanicals industry. CMPX is a respected source of products, information, equipment, and applications for industry professionals who want one-on-one access to the latest information and hands-on opportunities to come face-to-face with tomorrow’s trends. 

For every annual show, there are over 500 exhibitors representing all the products, innovations, applications, and information that define the mechanicals industry today. Because of that, HVAC/R and mechanical contractors, installers, technicians and more are highly recommended to attend. 

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Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology Show

Website: http://www.meetshow.ca/

Date: May 6–7, 2020

Location: Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, New Brunswick

The Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology (MEET) Show is an event that takes place every two years. And this event serves as a venue to bring together professionals from the mechanical and electrical industries from across North America. It will offer a unique opportunity for manufacturers of market products and services by allowing them to collect qualified leads to making sales, connecting with end-users, educating visitors on new products, and building relationships. 


Website: https://www.ciphexwest.ca/west2020/public/enter.aspx

Date: November 4–5, 2020

Location: Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia

CIPHEX West is Western Canada’s plumbing, hydronics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water treatment trade show. In fact, it is the largest event for the HVAC, plumbing, hydronic, and water treatment industry in Western Canada. 

This is the show for contractors, renovators, designers, wholesalers, engineers, builders, and more. It is the place to gain industry and technical knowledge with a world-class education. Aside from that, attendees will also find new products at the most affordable prices, as well as new suppliers, new ideas, and new solutions. 

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Website: http://mcee.ca/

Date: April 7–8, 2021

Location: Montreal Convention Center, Montreal, Quebec

MCEE is a trade show held in Montreal every two years. This show is for those working in the fields of construction mechanics, electricity, or lighting, and it is the largest meeting place for industry members in Eastern Canada. 

Every show attracts more than 6,000 visitors and more than 400 exhibitors from Canada and the United States. As such, there will be thousands of products to be exhibited, and there will also be free conferences that can meet the requirements of continuing education. 

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Canadian Hydronics Conference

Website: https://www.ciph.com/page/chc2019

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Canadian Hydronics Conference is an event that features technical and business sessions. This event will cover areas such as hydronic sales and profits, variable speed circulators, ceiling, wall radiant systems, case studies of energy efficiency in commercial buildings, air-to-water heat pumps and many more. In addition to that, this conference provides a unique opportunity for hydronics industry professionals to connect in person and have one-on-one conversations with peers and share knowledge and business-building ideas.

In the 2019 conference, which was held on September 24 and 25, there were 303 hydronics professionals from across Canada who attended the event and a total of 20 presenters from Canada and the United States. 

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The Buildings Show

Website: https://www.thebuildingsshow.com/en/home2.html

Date: December 4–6, 2019

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto

The Buildings Show provides an unforgettable experience as North America’s largest event for products, services, educational programming, and professional networking. This event is where the design, architecture, construction, and real estate sectors meet. Attendees will get the chance to explore technology innovations and connect with transformation influencers at Construct Canada and PX Expo in the South Building and HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo and World of Concrete Toronto Pavilion in the North Building.

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HRAI Annual Conference

Website: https://www.hrai.ca/hrai-report-2019

Date: August 23–25, 2020

Location: Delta Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

The HRAI Annual Conference is an event that is organized by the Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada. This event covers areas such as discussions on the key challenges that the HVAC industry in Canada is currently facing and many more.

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National Home Show

Website: https://nationalhomeshow.com/

Date: March 13–22, 2020

Location: Enercare Center, Toronto

The National Home Show is the largest North American display of innovative products, new ideas, and great deals for all things related to home and garden. This event comes up with everything a “home” needs, and it is a platform for retailers, wholesalers, and consumers to interact and help grow the trade. Every year, the show attracts over 800 retailers and industry experts.

This event revolves around bath and sanitation products, cookware, tabletop, home decor products, tableware, flatware, energy conservation appliances, and many more.

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Takeaway: Interested in Attending an HVAC Trade Show or Conference in Canada?

Essentially speaking, both a trade show and conference allow all professionals in the HVAC to meet up and discuss everything about the industry. The only differences between these two can be found in the scope of the topic coverage and the size of the actual event. 

To begin with, conferences are more likely to be smaller as they have a formal agenda of sharing only researches and workshops. On the other hand, trade shows tend to be bigger because they attract businesses and other professionals to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. At the same time, this is also where they can meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Because of this primary difference between the two, some conferences are integrated into a trade show. That said, it is also possible for conferences to occur independently.

However, even though they have their differences, both trade shows and conferences share one stark similarity: both offer so many benefits to HVAC professionals. On the one hand, they will get to learn a lot about the HVAC industry — its recent developments, market trends, and future outlook. And on the other hand, they will also get the opportunity to network with the important people in the industry. Because of all these benefits, it is highly recommended for HVAC professionals to attend at least one trade show or conference a year. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of these conferences and trade shows. Canada alone has a ton of these. The ones on this list are only some of the ones that you should check out. 

So, look through each of the events mentioned above and find the ones that you like. Then, when the time comes, attend the events and be prepared to broaden your knowledge about the industry and to make the right connections with the right people.



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