As an HVAC professional, it is important for you to be able to keep on improving. You both have to remain updated on the recent events of the HVAC industry and to get connected with other important figures in the field. When you’re able to do both of these, you can serve your customers better. And that will lead you to more successes in the future. 

You can actually do a lot of things in order to remain updated and to get connected. And one of these things is to attend an HVAC trade show and/or conference. 

Trade Show vs. Conference: Definitions and Differences

If you’re unaware, a trade show — also known as a trade fair, trade exhibition, or expo — is simply just an exhibition where companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. At the same time, this is where they can also meet with other industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Meanwhile, a conference is a meeting with the sole purpose of consultation, education, exchange of information, or discussion with a formal agenda. Usually, in a conference, researchers present results, workshops, and other activities that are related to the field or industry that they specialize in. However, oftentimes, other events can occur in a conference as well, such as the representatives of the press (print, radio, and television) being present to ask questions to the researchers. 

Between these two, the conference is smaller, and because of this, it is oftentimes a part of a trade show. However, it is also possible that conferences happen on their own. 

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Why Is It Important to Attend a Trade Show or a Conference?

From their definitions, you can tell that both a trade show and conference are a great way to meet with other professionals in your field. As a result, trade shows and conferences will provide you with the opportunity to get information about the recent news and developments of HVAC products, technologies, and market. And at the same time, you will also get the opportunity to network with potential clients and other important figures in the business. If you want to, you can also observe the activities of your rivals and see the things they’re doing right. 

Basically, there are so many great opportunities that HVAC professionals can get from trade shows and conferences. And for that reason, attending at least one trade show or conference a year is highly recommended.

Top HVAC Trade Shows & Conferences in China

Fortunately for you, HVAC trade shows and conferences happen in a lot of places in the world. China alone hosts a lot of these trade shows and conferences. Here are some of them that you can consider going in the future. 

CIAAR Exhibition


Date: November 13–15, 2019

Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai

The China International Auto Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (CIAAR) Exhibition follows the latest trends in the mobile refrigeration industry. Because of this, the exhibition is well-renowned in the mobile refrigeration industry for its professionalism. 

In particular, CIAAR will take a close look at user industries, such as passenger vehicles, buses, engineering machinery, refrigerated transportation, and refrigeration logistics. Additionally, the exhibition will feature three major product categories: vehicle A/C products, mobile refrigeration parts, and refrigerated transportation equipment. It will also exhibit other related accessories as well. 

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Boiler Shanghai


Date: November 25–27, 2019

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai

Shanghai International Exhibition on Boiler Technology, or Boiler Shanghai for short, is an international exhibition on boiler technology, and it targets the end-users within the industrial and commercial sectors. It is a three-day event that allows exhibitors to showcase products such as boilers, pressure vessels, and piping manufacturing technologies and materials. Aside from that, the exhibition also features boiler auxiliaries, related products, and energy-saving and emission reduction products and technologies. 

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TIM Expo Shanghai


Date: December 11–13, 2019

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai

Shanghai Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material, and Energy-Saving Technology Exhibition, or TIM Expo Shanghai for short, is an exhibition of materials for thermal insulation and energy-saving technologies. In particular, the exhibition range comprises all common materials that can be used for the insulation of buildings against cold or noise. Some of the common materials include inorganic materials, such as glass wool, and organic and metallic fabrics. 

In addition to featuring these materials, TIM Expo also offers excellent opportunities to develop valuable connections for its attendees. 

China Refrigeration Expo


Date: April 8–10, 2020

Location: Wuhan International Expo Center, Wuhan

China Refrigeration Expo is considered one of the leading exhibitions in the world of refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, frozen food processing, packaging, and storage. It features a wide range of exhibits, with the latest advances in technologies reflecting the most significant developments and achievements in the industry. In addition to that, there will also be various seminars that will cover the latest and hottest topics in the HVAC/R industry.

Because of this, China Refrigeration Expo is an ideal marketplace for companies in the HVAC industry to launch the latest products and technologies. It is also an ideal place for professionals to buy, sell, and build up their business network. 

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Guangzhou International Automotive Air-Conditioning and Equipment Exhibition 


Date: February 13–15, 2020

Location: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou

The Guangzhou International Automotive Air-Conditioning and Equipment Exhibition is an international trade show for the automotive air-conditioning industry. In this particular exhibition, there will be a wide array of products to be displayed, such as vehicle air-conditioning systems, airplane air-conditioners, train air-conditioners, automotive air-conditioners, bus air-conditioners, truck air-conditioners, and many more.

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Date: April 20–22, 2020

Location: Xi’an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi’an

The International Xi’an China Exhibition on Heat and Warm Supply and HVAC Technological Equipment, or CNHE for short, cover a wide range of areas related to the HVAC industry. Some of the areas covered include the creation of the first heating area, the greatest impact of the HVAC industry in China, and the dissemination of cutting-edge technologies and information. Additionally, the exhibition will also feature products such as boilers, heat exchangers, solar energy water heaters, and many more.

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ISH China & CIHE


Date: May 11–13, 2020

Location: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

ISH China & CIHE (China International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Sanitation, and Home Comfort Systems) is one of the most well-known exhibition platforms under the ISH brand. The event showcases products like boilers, wall-hung boilers, floor-heating, radiators, heat pumps, solar energy products, ventilation, and more. In addition to that, the show also offers a unique platform for industry professionals to tap into the Chinese market. 

With a record-breaking count of more than 61,612 visitors, ISH China and CIHE is undoubtedly a trade show to attend. 



Date: April 10–12, 2020

Location: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chongqing

BMCHINA, also known as the International Green Building Decoration Materials Expo or Chongqing Jianbo Fair, is the top building materials event in the west of China. The event is designed to promote the concept of ecological civilization construction, expand the impact of urban and rural construction work, and promote the development of green eco-city construction. BMCHINA is currently one of the largest international exhibitions with the fastest growth and the largest number of professional visitors. 

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Date: September 2–4, 2020

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) is an annual exhibition that focuses on innovative intelligent building technologies and solutions related to IoT, cloud computing, big data, building energy efficiency, energy management systems, and intelligent hotels. In particular, the exhibition aims to cultivate new building concepts that will help realize the ultimate goal of widespread sustainable buildings. 



Date: July 15–17, 2020

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai

The International Green Building Materials Expo, or ESBUILD for short, is the only international trade building materials trade fair in China that provides a comprehensive solution for green building. ESBUILD will integrate existing resources so as to reestablish the concept of innovative safety, beautiful ecology, and comprehensive solutions for green buildings. In addition to that, the exhibition will also launch the integration of six major sections. Those involve building energy-saving panels, exterior wall decoration panels, housing system panels, building auxiliary materials panels, and many more.

Takeaway: Interested in Attending an HVAC Trade Show or Conference in China?

Trade shows and conferences are two different kinds of events that allow professionals in the HVAC to meet up and discuss everything about the industry. On the one hand, a conference is more concentrated since it actually has a formal agenda of sharing only researches and workshops. 

And on the other, a trade show is generally bigger in terms of scope because this is where businesses and other professionals congregate to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services while, at the same time, meeting with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. 

However, despite their differences, both trade shows and conferences are beneficial to HVAC professionals. To begin with, they will get to learn a lot about the current state of the industry and its future growth. They will also have the opportunity to network and develop professional relationships with the important people in the industry. With all these benefits that trade shows and conferences offer, it is no wonder why it is often recommended for HVAC professionals to attend at least once a year. 

And as luck would have it, there are actually a lot of these conferences and trade shows. China, for example, has a ton of these. The ones mentioned above are only some of the ones that you should check out. There are definitely a ton more out there, but the events mentioned above are a good place to start. 

So, comb through each of the events mentioned above and narrow them down to the ones that you like. Then, whenever you’re ready, attend the events so that you will broaden your knowledge about the industry as well as developing the right connections with the right people.



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