As anyone is probably well aware by now, almost all appliances and electronic devices make use of aluminum components. The primary reason for this is that aluminum is the most easily sourced material for electronic components, thus making it the go-to metal for most manufacturers.

         However, recent discoveries have shown that instead of aluminum, copper is the better option for electronic devices, particularly HVAC systems. This is primarily because aluminum is prone to bacteria and molds. And when the HVAC system is affected by bacteria and molds, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of them because they are most likely to be found in the areas of the system that are dark and hard to clean. This would then lead to more accumulation of bacteria and molds, which would eventually lead to the breakdown of the system.

         Luckily, copper seems to solve this problem of bacteria and mold growth. Research has shown that copper surfaces actually hinder the growth and multiplication of microbes. In other words, copper helps keep the unit safe and in great condition for a long time. And because of that, copper components are recommended to be used in HVAC systems.

         For that reason, it is then your responsibility as an HVAC professional to equip the HVAC systems you’re offering to your customers with copper components, especially insulated copper tubes. This is because an insulated copper tube will help prevent the loss of heat or cool air that is necessary for any HVAC system.

Top Insulated Copper Tube Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in Canada

         In order for you to be able to achieve the task of equipping your HVAC systems with high-quality insulated copper tubes, you have to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier first. 

         Fortunately, there are many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of insulated copper tubes out there. Canada alone is teeming with quite a number of them. For that reason, if your business is based in Canada and you’re looking for a manufacturer or supplier of insulated copper tubes, then consider checking out any of these ten companies:

Great Lakes Copper


         Great Lakes Copper Ltd. (GLC) was founded in 1958 as the Canadian plumbing tube mill for Wolverine Tube. The mill was constructed to service the Canadian market on plumbing and refrigeration tubes and operated with a sister mill in Montreal. 

         GLC is a fully integrated copper tube mill with casting, extrusion, and drawing completed under one roof. The company provides a complete line of copper tubes for plumbing, waterworks, refrigeration, and medical tube applications. The products are available in coil or straight-length configuration, varying in lengths and outside diameters.

         The OEM or industrial segment focuses on products that are made to order for aftermarket manufacturers. These products are built to the customers’ specifications and are configurable to a specific temper, wall thickness, and length. Moreover, in 2010, GLC began to expand to the HVAC markets, offering products such as EZ-roll line sets, ductless mini-splits, and refrigeration coils. 

Canada Cooling


         Located in St. Amable, Quebec, Canada Cooling is a company that focuses on providing Canadian customers with high-quality mini-split air conditioning units and related items. All these items can be shipped directly to the doorsteps of their customers. 

         With Canada Cooling’s mini-split units, their eco-friendly refrigerant goes through small line sets directly to the rooms that are to be air-conditioned. This way, there is roughly no efficiency lost in the process. Additionally, Canada Cooling boasts better shipping rates and faster shipping times. 

Refrigerative Supply


         Refrigerative Supply Ltd. is a wholesale distributor of equipment and parts to the HVAC and refrigeration trade. In particular, the company serves Western Canada through 15 branches, and they pride themselves on having exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and a well-stocked inventory. Refrigerative Supply Ltd. was founded in 1945 and has been a family-owned and operated business since 1949. 

         The company provides a broad range of products to serve the HVAC and refrigeration industry. Additionally, they have strong relationships with many vendors, which helps them to provide solutions for a wide array of applications. Refrigerative Supply’s are arranged into different categories to make them easier to find namely, refrigeration, HVAC, tools, and controls. 

Acklands Grainger


          Acklands was founded in Winnipeg in 1889 as a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying wooden goods for various customers. The company was then legally incorporated in 1905, and they manufactured and sold carriages, wagons, farm machinery, and a variety of other supplies and equipment. Then in 1996, the company was purchased by Grainger, a publicly traded company and the largest industrial distributor in the United States. After the purchase, Acklands’ name was changed to Acklands-Grainger Inc.

         As of today, Acklands-Grainger is Canada’s largest distributor of maintenance, repair, and operational supplies. The company has access to over 350,000 in-stock industrial, safety, and fastener products. This allows them to offer the convenience of a single source MRO solution to their customers. 



         Ductless has been specializing in energy-efficient products for homes and businesses since 1987. In particular, the company is helping Canadian customers adopt European products as energy costs rise and home and business owners become more aware of their impact on the environment. 

         As of right now, Ductless offers sales, installation, and support for all leading HVAC manufacturers. Their products can be divided into the following categories: ductless air conditioning and heating, heating through heat pumps and boilers, domestic water heating with tank-less and tanks, solar water heating, in-floor heating, indoor air quality using HRVs and ERVs, gas fireplaces, and humidification. Ductless is currently one of Toronto’s leading air conditioning installers both in volume and customer satisfaction. 

Excel Air Systems


         Excel Air Systems has been a firm leader in air-cooled units for many years. With over 20 years of experience, the company has created a solid foundation throughout the industry and continues to exceed industry standards. Some of their most popular products include air conditioning units, damper control packages, odor eliminators, fabric ducts, UV air purifiers, air handler accessories, flexible line sets, heaters, thermostats, condensate pumps, and much more. 

         As of right now, Excel Air Systems is simplifying air-cooled air conditioning installations so that anyone with any level of experience can install and run their own system. With the company’s plug-and-play refrigeration fittings, installation couldn’t be any easier. 

Fastenal Canada


         Founded in 1967, Fastenal Canada is a business-to-business supply chain solutions company and a wholesale distributor of industrial and construction supplies. For over the past 50 years now, Fastenal has grown from a small-town fastener shop, to a thriving regional business, to North America’s largest fastener distributor, and to the world’s most efficient supplier of OEM, MRO, and construction products. 

         As of today, Fastenal operates nearly 2,700 branches spanning all 50 states in the United States and over 20 countries and regions. In particular, customers can find Fastenal branches in cities like Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Toronto, and Shanghai. 

Airlux Air Conditioning


         Established in 2004 in British Columbia, Airlux Air Conditioning is an enterprise that is known for manufacturing, selling, and installing a variety of energy-saving cooling, heating, and ventilation products to customers across Canada and the United States. Currently, the company has offices and warehouses in New York, U.S.A. and British Columbia, Canada. Some of the primary products that Airlux offers include ductless split heat pumps and air conditioners, ventilation equipment, and other related accessories. 

         Positive feedback for Airlux products and services has been received from the company’s customers. Moreover, the company has an impressive portfolio of projects that they have accomplished for about 15 years now, including residential, commercial, government, hospitality industry, and military projects.

ECCO Supply


         Originally incorporated in 1960 as ECCO Heating Products Ltd., ECCO Supply is a company that aims to become the best in sheet metal manufacturing as well as the distribution of HVAC-related products. Ever since the company’s establishment, ECCO Supply has continued to grow, and despite that, they still have never wavered from their original vision. As of today, they still continue to offer an extensive and diverse selection of quality HVAC and other related products, new product training for both employees and customers, and full service and support. 

Air Heat Supplies


         Ever since 1956, Air Heat Supplies has been a leading HVAC wholesale distributor in Ontario. Founded in Toronto, G&M Heating Supplies Ltd. is a family-owned wholesale distribution company that serves southern Ontario HVAC contractors. Then in May 1996, G&M Heating Supplies Ltd. acquired Air Heat Supplies from the Olsen Furnace Company. 

         As of right now, Air Heat has continued to provide a one-stop contractor experience with one of the largest HVAC/IAQ parts and supplies inventories in Ontario. In addition to the full line of Armstrong Air and Ducane residential and light commercial HVAC products, Air Heat also offers products from over 75 leading suppliers, such as Honeywell, Yellow Jacket, White Rodgers, Samsung, Alltemp, Canadian general Filters, Aprilaire, and IPEX.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Insulated Copper Tubes in Canada?

         Almost all appliances and electronic devices make use of aluminum. This is because aluminum is the most easily sourced metal, so it’s the go-to choice for most manufacturers. However, recent discoveries have shown that copper is actually a better metal to use for devices than aluminum. This is because copper has been proven to be a great tool to fight against bacteria and molds. 

         In these discoveries, researchers have found out that copper surfaces obstruct the growth of bacteria and molds in the first place. Basically, with copper, an electrical appliance will have a longer life span and better energy efficiency. Because of that, copper has been widely recommended to be used in electrical devices, particularly HVAC systems. 

         With all of that said, you should make sure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers are made up of copper components. And when it comes to copper tubes, make sure that they’re properly insulated as well. Insulated tubes are helpful because they prevent the loss of heat or cool air that is needed for any HVAC system. 

         Luckily for you, so many companies all over the world manufacture and supply insulated copper tubes. In fact, you can find a ton of these companies in Canada alone. And so, if your business is based in Canada, you won’t have a difficult time finding the right manufacturer or wholesale supplier for you. 

         However, you do need to begin your search somewhere because there are thousands of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. For that reason, you can use this list as your starting ground. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the industry. Furthermore, they have also won the trust of many customers who are ready to attest to the quality of their products, thus making them well-respected. Essentially speaking, any company that you choose from this list would be a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer for you and your business. 




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