For the majority of appliances and other electronic devices, aluminum is the go-to metal of choice for the various parts and components. This is because aluminum is one of the most easily sourced metals, as well as one of the cheapest. Because of this, it makes sense that it’s the one that is commonly used for electronics.

However, currently, discoveries have surfaced, showing that copper is actually a better option than aluminum for electronic devices, particularly HVAC systems. This is mainly because aluminum is prone to bacteria and molds. And when the HVAC system is affected by bacteria and molds, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of them because they are most likely to be found in the areas of the system that are dark and hard to clean. This would then lead to more accumulation of bacteria and molds, which would eventually lead to the breakdown of the system.

Copper is discovered to solve this problem of bacteria and mold growth. Research has shown that copper surfaces actually hinder the growth and multiplication of microbes. In other words, copper helps keep the unit safe and in great condition for a long time. And because of that, copper components are recommended to be used in HVAC systems.

For that reason, as an HVAC professional, it is then your responsibility to equip the HVAC systems you’re offering to your customers with copper components, especially insulated copper tubes. This is because an insulated copper tube will help prevent the loss of heat or cool air that is necessary for any HVAC system.

Top Insulated Copper Tube Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in Pakistan

In order for you to achieve the task of equipping your HVAC systems with high-quality insulated copper tubes, one thing that you have to do is to first find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of this product.

Luckily for you, there are many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of insulated copper tubes out there. Pakistan alone is teeming with quite a number of them. For that reason, if your business is based in Pakistan and you’re looking for a manufacturer or supplier of insulated copper tubes, then consider checking out any of these ten companies:



Located in Lahore, AJRD Pvt. Ltd. is an industry leader in energy efficiency, dedicated to creating environmentally sound products and solutions that fulfill their customers’ demands while preserving their precious natural resources. In particular, the company creates comfortable environments, safeguards the global food supply by preserving the quality and freshness of food and beverages, ensures health and well-being by enabling the proper transport and delivery of vital medical supplies, and provides solutions that maintain exceptional indoor air quality.

Some of the products that AJRD offers include seamless copper tubes, pipe insulation, compressors, sensors, control products, and refrigeration oils. Moreover, AJRD combines their HVAC and refrigeration expertise with the responsiveness of their local operations to lead nearly every geographic market. Their continued success is a testament to their strong commitment to providing the highest level of quality and service to their customers in Pakistan.

Crescent Corporation


Established in 1986, Crescent Corporation is a company that aims to provide customers with quality products in HVACR. Ever since the company’s establishment, they have grown rapidly from strength to strength encouraged by the abruptly growing HVACR market in Pakistan. As of right now, Crescent Corporation has become an established and strong trading company, marketing efficiently all over the country.

Crescent Corporation is proud to serve as the authorized dealers and stockists of some of the world’s top brands. Some of the brands that the company deals in are Casals, Mueller Industries, Honeywell, Harris, GD Copper, Durkee, KIMMCO, Suniso, AFS Flexible Duct, ELCO, Emerson Climate Technologies, and so much more. Through offering high-class products and the best services, Crescent has earned the trust of so many valuable customers all over Pakistan.

Saeed Group


Saeed Group of Companies is one of the leading importers, stockists, and suppliers of products for industrial, HVAC, and other building-related industries. The primary products that the company offers are pipes, valves, gauges, pipe fittings, copper tubes, copper fittings, fiberglass insulation, rubber insulation, adhesives and sealants, and bearings.

Founded in 1973, Saeed Group has worked their way up to the top through the past four decades through hard work, determination, dedication, quality products, and personalized services to their key clients. In particular, their products have been extensively used in numerous industries, such as oil and gas, textile, sugar, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and HVAC.

Arctic Ice


Established in 2003, Arctic Ice is a specialist refrigeration and air conditioning company. The company offers sales, installations, and services on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, ranging from a single split system to complex VRV systems to large central plant chillers and package units.

Arctic Ice is a customer-focused company and has been furnishing the needs of everyone from a domestic client to a commercial one. Sometimes, the company also serves industrial and corporate clients. Throughout the years, Arctic Ice’s success is attributed to the state-of-the-art skill and machinery and the motivation and dedication of their workforce.

Kepler Copper


Kepler Copper is a leading brand in Pakistan that deals in the manufacture and supply of a wide variety of copper products. The company’s primary products include copper pipes, copper fittings, copper tubes, copper coils, y joints, sockets, and reducers. All these products have received numerous certifications, particularly ISO, ASTM, PCSIR, and PSQC. Additionally, these products have been widely utilized in numerous industries, such as manufacturing, clearing, transportation, shipping, HVAC, and plumbing.

Iceberg Industries


Iceberg Industries started out a few decades ago providing services in the import, installation, operation, maintenance, and repairs of HVAC systems. Then in 2014, Iceberg Industries inaugurated a new department called “Renewable Energies and Energy Conservation Division.” This new department provides engineering services for the import, installation, maintenance, and repairs of solar photovoltaic energy systems, wind energy, biogas energy, solar thermal energy, and smart lighting technologies (especially LED, T5 fluorescent lighting). Additionally, they are also the exclusive distributor of LG and Spacco products in Pakistan.

Even though Iceberg Industries is already involved in a lot of industries, they are still interested in other ventures. Moreover, as of right now, they cover solutions for homes, businesses, and other industries.



CASCO Pakistan is an interdisciplinary engineering and technology company. Their vast experience is spread over three decades in supplies of various kinds of machinery, equipment, refractory products, instruments, and industrial consultancy services for various disciplines of engineering and technology. Since the company’s inception, they are focused on providing and introducing the latest engineering and technologies to respective private industries and government departments in Pakistan.

As of right now, CASCO is extending their quality services in the steel industry, cement industry, glass and ceramics, industrial boilers, thermal energy, power generation, engineering, technology, construction, and more.

Fakhri Brothers


Founded in Karachi in 1974, Fakhri Brothers is one of the leading importers and suppliers in the HVACR field. In addition to that, the company also imports, and stocks reputed brands at their huge warehouses to complement their wide range of products. In fact, they are considered authorized dealers and stockiest of 24 renowned companies from all over the world. Some of the brands that they deal with are Mueller Industries, KIMMCO, Weiss Instruments, Polypipe, and many more.

Fakhri Brothers has earned a great reputation for the high quality and reliability of their products. As a result, their products have been widely used in numerous industries, such as textile, automobile, HVACR, pharmaceuticals, hotels, as well as food and beverage. Additionally, they are also a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and they have received several awards in their exhibitions and seminars. All their accolades just prove how reliable the company is.

B.A. Syed and Company


B.A. Syed and Company is an enterprise that is engaged in distributing industrial products. In particular, the company’s primary products include temperature and pressure instruments, HVAC products, and insulating materials. In just a short span of time, the company is able to provide products for various clients in various industries. Some of the industries that B.A. Syed and Company serves are sugar, ghee, textile, refrigeration, paper and board, steel, pharmaceuticals, cement, oil refineries, power generation, food and beverages, buildings and hotels, automobile, and chemicals.

B.A. Syed and Company has a broad customer base in almost all the cities within Pakistan. Recently, they have also started to export some related items to other countries, such as Afghanistan, the U.A.E., Kuwait, China, Germany, the U.K., the U.S.A., and Taiwan.

Marvi International 


Founded in 1986, Marvi International is one of the leading indenting houses in Karachi. The company specializes in all kinds of metals in primary and semi-finished forms. Their primary products include stainless steel bars, copper bars, cable shielding tapes, ingots, radiator strips, sheets and coils, and tubes. Additionally, they also offer welding equipment, flux, solder, timber, wood panels, plywood, radiator parts, and valves and fittings.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Insulated Copper Tubes in Pakistan?

For the majority of electrical devices, aluminum is the most commonly used metal. However, recent discoveries have shown that copper is actually a better metal to use for devices than aluminum. This is because copper has been proven to be a great tool to fight against bacteria and molds.

In these discoveries, researchers have found out that copper surfaces obstruct the growth of bacteria and molds in the first place. In other words, with copper, an electrical appliance will have a longer life span and better energy efficiency. For that reason, copper has been widely recommended to be used in electrical devices, particularly HVAC systems.

As a result, you should make sure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers are equipped with copper components. And when it comes to copper tubes, make sure that they’re properly insulated as well. Insulated tubes are helpful because they prevent the loss of heat or cool air that is needed for any HVAC system.

Luckily for you, so many companies all over the world manufacture and supply insulated copper tubes. You can find a ton of these companies in Pakistan alone. And so, if your business is based in Pakistan, you won’t have a difficult time finding the right manufacturer or wholesale supplier for you.

However, your search does need to begin somewhere because there are thousands of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. And so, you can use this list as your starting ground. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the industry. Moreover, they have also won the trust of many customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products, thus making the companies well-respected. Essentially speaking, any company that you choose from this list would be a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer for you and your business.



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