There are so many important parts and components that comprise an HVAC system. And one example of this is the liquid receiver. Simply put, a liquid receiver is a storage tank that holds liquid refrigerant, and it is located after the condenser in a refrigeration system. The primary purpose of this particular HVAC component is to ensure that the liquid refrigerant is entering the expansion device. And for the most part, liquid receivers can accommodate a variety of refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrocarbons (i.e. ethane, isobutane, propane, etc.). 

         Since the purpose of a liquid receiver has now been established, it is not a surprise that it is incredibly important for some HVAC systems, particularly refrigerators. Because of that, as an HVAC professional, you should then make sure that your refrigerators are well-equipped with the best liquid receivers. And one way in which you can do that is to find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of liquid receivers that you trust.  

         Fortunately for you, there are so many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of liquid receivers all over the world. In China alone, you can find a ton of these manufacturers and suppliers. And so, if you’re in China and you’re looking for a liquid receiver manufacturer, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding one for your business. To help you get started, here is a list of ten companies that you can check out. 

Top Liquid Receiver Manufacturers in China

Zhejiang Zhuoer Industry


         Zhejiang Zhuoer Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on designing and manufacturing refrigeration parts for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. The company has been providing products and services in the fields of refrigeration with experience for more than 10 years. Some of their most popular products include filter driers, suction line accumulators, oil separators, liquid receivers, and many more. In addition to these products, OEM service is also available.

         Zhuoer is dedicated to making the best products possible, and through their efforts, they have received certifications for quality management and safety regulations. Additionally, their products have a great market share in both domestic and international markets. They are exported to numerous countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

Resour Refrigeration Integration


         Located in Shengzhou City, Resour Refrigeration Integration Co., Ltd. has been a leading enterprise in the refrigeration industry since 1992. The company primarily specializes in designing, producing, and trading cold room equipment and spare parts, commercial and household refrigerator spare parts, and air conditioning and spare parts. Some of their most popular products include refrigeration compressors, fan motors, capacitors, compressor unit series, air-cooled heat exchangers, fan coils, and flexible ducts.

Jiangsu Jingdong HVAC Industry


         Jiangsu Jingdong HVAC Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary corporation of the Jingdong Group, which was established in 1992. Throughout the years, Jingdong HVAC Industry has grown into one of the leading companies in the HVAC industry in China. Supplying primarily HVAC equipment and components, the company is known for manufacturing and trading compressors, copper pipes, insulation pipes, refrigerant gases, vacuum pumps, and other HVAC parts and tools. 

         The company has established their own brands, including Youlike Insulation, Lixue Refrigerant Gas, and Jinlun Copper Pipe. But aside from that, they have also cooperated with other brands, such as Copeland, Sanyo, Daikin, Hitachi, Danfoss, GMCC, Emerson, and more. 

         As of right now, the company’s annual turnover has peaked at $7 billion. And their products have also been exported to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. 

Guangzhou Icecool Refrigeration Equipment


         Guangzhou Icecool Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in refrigeration equipment production and sales. Some of the products that the company offers include Danfoss spare parts, compressors, refrigeration spare parts, cold room equipment, refrigerant oil and gas, and much more. The company offers these products in reliable quality and at affordable prices. Additionally, Icecool also provides export transportation, export and custom clearance services.

Henan Kinsit Electromechanical Refrigeration Equipment


         Henan Kinsit Electromechanical Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a flourishing high-tech enterprise that deals with the manufacturing of various kinds of refrigeration parts, filter elements, vibration sieves, and so on. In particular, the company specializes in the production of filter elements used in refrigerating screw machines, centrifuges, semi-closed compressors, and central air conditioning. 

         As of right now, Kinsit has supplied for a lot of well-known brands, such as Bitzer, Hanbell, Fu Sheng, Mitsubishi, Yanleng, and many more. Additionally, their products have been sold not only within China but also in countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

Ningbo Sanheng Refrigeration Control


         Ningbo Sanheng Refrigeration Control Co., Ltd. is a company located at Xikou Industrial Zone that specializes in developing and manufacturing refrigeration units, refrigerated air driers, refrigeration parts, air conditioner parts, and auto A/C parts, like refrigeration solenoid valves, thermal expansion valves, manifold gauge sets, filter driers, and many more. 

         Sanheng adheres to the motto “Quality Eternal, Service Eternal, and Prestige Eternal.” And so, because of their constant efforts, they are able to receive numerous certifications throughout the years, particularly the ISO9001, CCC, CQC, RoHS, and CE certificates.

Moon Environment Technology


         Founded in 1956, Moon Environment Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Yantai Moon, is a company that specializes in the research and development and manufacturing of industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and central air conditioners. In addition to offering these products, the company also provides integration and packaged service for air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems. As of right now, Yantai Moon has become of the leading enterprises in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. 

         Yantai Moon offers a wide assortment of products, and these products can be classified into eight series. These eight series include freezing, refrigeration, quick-freezing, freeze-drying, ice-making, fresh-keeping, air-conditioning, and cooling. Moreover, these products have been extensively used in numerous industries, such as chemical engineering, hydropower, coal, pharmaceutical, food refrigeration, food freezing, and food processing. 

Zhejiang Sanji Stainless


         Established in 1998, Zhejiang Sanji Stainless Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel of precision stamping and deep-drawn parts and CNC machining parts. Additionally, the company also develops and manufactures valve components, stainless steel refrigeration products, and automobile air-conditioning parts, etc. 

         Sanji has over 20 years of experience now and has been awarded the ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system. Currently, the company still continues to aim to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. As a result, their products have garnered a high reputation from the customers both at home and abroad. 

Ningbo Towin Refrigeration Equipment


         Established in 2010, Ningbo Towin Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrative industry enterprise that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing various types of heating, cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation products. The company’s main product line includes parts for air conditioners, refrigeration, washing machines, and heaters. These products are widely popular overseas and have been exported to countries in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, and other regions. In fact, in 2015, Towin has sold $10 million worth of products to the markets in South America. 

Shenzhen Gumei Trade


         Shenzhen Gumei Trade Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company that specializes in researching, manufacturing, and trading of refrigeration facilities. As one of the leading refrigeration suppliers in China, the company offers a wide array of products, such as flake ice machines, ice cube machines, refrigeration compressors, ice makers, and more. 

         Gumei supplies quality products at reasonable prices. And as of right now, they are the exclusive distributor of Danfoss compressors, with the product line ranging from 1.5 HP to 32 HP. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer of Liquid Receivers in China?

         A liquid receiver is one of the most important components for a lot of HVAC systems, particularly refrigerators. Essentially speaking, a liquid receiver is a storage tank that holds liquid refrigerant. Located after the condenser in a refrigeration system, a liquid receiver is installed in a system to ensure that the liquid refrigerant is entering the expansion device. For the most part, liquid receivers can accommodate all kinds of refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrocarbons (i.e. ethane, isobutane, propane, etc.). 

         Because of the importance of liquid receivers, it is then imperative that the HVAC systems to be offered to customers are well-equipped with high-quality liquid receivers. This is one of your primary tasks as an HVAC professional. And for you to be able to complete that task, you would first need to have a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of liquid receivers by your side. 

         As your luck would have it, manufacturers or wholesale suppliers of liquid receivers can be found everywhere, especially in China. For that reason, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one for your own business. 

         However, it can also get really intimidating to start your search because of the sheer number of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. To help you with that problem, you can use this list as your starting point. After all, the companies listed above have already established their names in the HVAC industry. Moreover, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to vouch for the quality of their products. Essentially, the companies on this list are all trustworthy and well-reputed. So, you can never really go wrong with whichever company you pick. 



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