HVAC systems are comprised of so many parts and components, and out of these parts and components, one of the most important is the micro channel coil. Simply put, a micro channel coil is a type of coil that is utilized in many evaporator and condenser coils. This type of coil is easily identified by its flat tubes and fins between them that look like waves between the tubes. Usually made up of aluminum, micro channel coils are used primarily because of their superior heat transfer due to increased surface contact between the refrigerant and metal, plus the lighter weight and the smaller refrigerant charge.

         With all of that said, it is no wonder that micro channel coils are considered to be incredibly important for a lot of HVAC systems. And for that reason, it is your responsibility as an HVAC professional to ensure that the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your customers have the best micro channel coils. And one way in which you’d be able to do that is to find a reliable micro channel coil manufacturer or wholesale supplier. 

         Luckily, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of micro channel coils can be found anywhere all over the world. In particular, you can find quite a number of them in India alone. That is why, if your business is based in India and you’re in dire need of a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of micro  channel coils, then you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one. To help you start with your search, here is a list of ten companies that you can check out.

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Top Micro Channel Coil Manufacturers in India

Filtech India

Website: http://www.filtech-india.net/

         Founded in 1987, Filtech India is an enterprise that primarily offers clean-room validation and acoustic insulation service to their customers. Additionally, the company also provides a wide range of industrial filters, such as filter bags, panel filters, filtration systems, and other fabrication products. 

         With innovation in approach and precision in the application, Filtech India has gathered rich industry experience working with some of the most prominent organizations in the country. Aside from that, the company also offers their products at competitive prices, and they also constantly upgrade their manufacturing facilities and procedures. As a result, they are able to broaden the scope of their customers. 

Super Cool Trading 

Website: http://supercooltradingco.com/

         Super Cool Trading Co. is a sole proprietorship firm that is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of air conditioning and refrigeration products. The company offers a wide range of products that includes spare parts such as compressors, outdoor units copper tubes, insulation tubes and sheets, Eco-friendly refrigerant tools, and more. 

         The company has always made sure that their products are of the best quality and are offered at affordable prices. As a result, they are able to curate a list of esteemed clients, such as Emerson, Mangali Petrochem, Marathon Electrical, Totaline, Dupoint, Mandev Tubes, Pattern Refrigerations, and Ilyod Electricals. 

Rohini Aircon

Website: https://www.rohiniaircon.co.in/

         Established in 2002 at Coimbatore, Rohini Aircon Pvt. Ltd. is a privately-owned company that is engaged in manufacturing the finest range of air conditioning and refrigeration products. The company’s most popular products include air washer units, air handling units, fan coil units, heat transfer coils, air filters and housings, industrial cooling equipment, air distribution products, and much more. 

         Because of their dedication to quality and service, Rohini has garnered the trust of so many clients throughout the years. In the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, they have clients like Voltas Ltd., Kirloskar Electrodyne Ltd., Bluestar Ltd., J.L. Refrigeration, Airtech Engineering, Evergreen Systems, and Jyothi Refrigeration. Aside from that, they also have HVAC consultants as clients, such as Clean Air, Petrox Pvt. Ltd., and Morning Star. 

Cary-Air Systems

Website: https://www.indiamart.com/caryairsystems/

         Established in 1992, Cary-Air Systems Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading a broad spectrum of HVAC products. The company’s product line includes HVAC filters, HEPA filters, heat exchanger coils, air handling units, cleanroom equipment, cold storage rooms, fan coil units, mist eliminators, and many more. In addition to offering these products, the company also provides cleanroom testing services and cleanroom project services. 

         The products of Cary-Air Systems are known for their remarkable attributes, such as rust resistance, weather resistance, dimensional accuracy, high strength, smooth operation, enhanced durability, premium quality, reliability, high efficiency, and many more. As of right now, the company has sold their products to customers in India, Sri Lanka, and African countries. 

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Alpine Coils

Website: http://www.alpinecoils.com/

         Headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Alpine Coils LLP is a company that offers one-stop solutions in air cooling systems. In particular, the company manufactures and trades a wide assortment of air-cooling products, such as air conditioner accessories, fan coil units, air conditioners, and more. These products are critically acclaimed for their reliable nature. In fact, the Alpine Coils has received certifications for their products and services, particularly the ISO9001: 2015 and AHRI certifications. 

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Revlon Industries

Website: https://www.revairconhvac.com/

         Established in 2009, Revlon Industries is a trusted and prominent manufacturer and exporter of HVAC products. The company has an extensive product range, and it includes products like heating and cooling coils, AHU coils, condenser coils, chiller coils, air filters, louvers, water eliminators, dual filters, and much more. These products are highly appreciated for their low maintenance, high durability, high dirt removal capacity, and depth filtration efficacy. For that reason, they are widely used in numerous industries, such as defense, pharmaceutical, ordinance, and chemicals.

Enviro Tech Industrial Products

Website: https://www.envirotechindustrialproducts.net/

         Established in 1995, Enviro Tech Industrial Products is actively engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting, importing, service-providing, and supplying a wide range of cleanroom equipment, air cooling systems, industrial filters, air distribution systems, and cooling tower spare parts. These products are manufactured in accordance with international quality norms and using supreme quality raw materials and the latest technology under the guidance of their skilled professionals. As a result, they have outstanding features such as durability, perfect finish, low maintenance, easy to use, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, they are widely used by a lot of well-renowned clients, such as Vadilal, Nestle, Zee News, Asian Paints, DishTV, and  more. 

Welltech Cooling Systems

Website: https://www.welltechchillers.com/

         Established in 2010, Welltech Cooling Systems is an enterprise that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a broad assortment of cooling towers, heat exchangers, and chillers. Some of the company’s products include FRP cooling towers, industrial chillers, spare parts of cooling towers, heat exchangers, and many more. 

         In manufacturing their products, Welltech makes sure to use quality raw materials as well as adhere to industry guidelines. As a result, their products are well-known for their low energy consumption, hassle-free functionality, and sturdy nature. Additionally, they are widely used in various industrial operations, shopping malls, and offices, and they are also exported to various countries all over the world.

Geepats Corporation

Website: http://geeepats.com/

         Geepats Corporation is a leading provider of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Some of the company’s most well-known products include chillers, freezers, coolers, and many more. 

The company combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, and monitoring services to provide customized and integrated climate-control solutions for their customers. For that reason, their products are extensively utilized in various industries, such as Parham industry, commercial malls, hotels, convention centers, and more. 

Fitzer Incorporation

Website: http://fitzerincorporation.com/

         Established in 2009, Fitzer Incorporation is an enterprise that is engaged in the field of designing, manufacturing, and exporting a wide range of HVAC products. The company’s product line includes aluminum extruded finned tubes, spiral wound finned tubes, shell tube heat exchangers, evaporator or condenser coils, and ice plant machines. 

         These products are manufactured as per the international standards set by ASME or TEMA. And they are also widely used in refineries and petrochemical, as well as the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, marine, steel, and others. Furthermore, they have been exported to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer of Micro Channel Coils in India?

There are a lot of important components that make up HVAC systems, and one of these is the micro channel coil. Simply put, a micro channel coil is a coil type that is used in many evaporator and condenser coils. It is usually made up of aluminum and can be identified by its flat tubes and fins between them that appear as waves between the tubes. Additionally, micro channel coils are used simply because of their superior heat transfer due to increased surface contact between the refrigerant and the metal as well as the lighter weight and smaller refrigerant charge. Because of that, they are extremely important for a lot of HVAC systems out there. 

And so, HVAC professionals like you should make sure that your HVAC units are equipped with the best micro channel coils. In order for you to be able to do that, you would have to find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of micro channel coils by your side. 

Fortunately for you, manufacturers or wholesale suppliers of micro channel coils can be found everywhere, especially in India. Because of that, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one for your own business. 

However, the sheer number of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers can also make the process of finding one for your business extremely intimidating. For that reason, you can use this list as your starting ground. After all, the companies listed above have already established their names in the HVAC industry. Additionally, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to attest to the quality of their products. Essentially, the companies on this list are all trustworthy and well-reputed. So, pick at least one of the companies mentioned and be ready to work with them. 



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