Every HVAC professional knows that for HVAC devices to be in perfect condition, each of their important components must be of the best quality themselves. And one of these said important components is the micro heat exchanger, sometimes also known as micro-scale heat exchangers or micro-structured heat exchangers.

Micro heat exchangers are heat exchangers in which at least one fluid flows in lateral confinements with typical dimensions below 1 mm. This kind of HVAC component is typically used in residential and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment driven by energy efficiency and reduction of the refrigerant charge, high-performance aircraft gas turbine engines, and heat pumps.

With that said, it is no surprise that micro heat exchangers are required for many HVAC appliances. And as an HVAC professional, it is your responsibility to make sure that your products have a quality micro heat exchanger. You can do this by finding a reliable manufacturer or supplier who can provide you with the best micro heat exchangers possible. And fortunately for you, these manufacturers and suppliers can be found everywhere in the world, particularly in India.

So, if you’re an HVAC professional based in India and you need a micro heat exchanger manufacturer or supplier, here are ten companies that you should consider:

Top Micro Heat Exchanger Wholesale Suppliers or Manufacturers in India

Danfoss Industries

Website: https://www.danfoss.com/en-in/

Danfoss Industries began on September 1, 1933, when Mads Clausen started the company in his parents’ farmhouse in Nordborg, Denmark. Since then, the business has grown from a solo enterprise into one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative and energy-efficient solutions. As of right now, the company serves a multitude of markets, such as automotive, commercial buildings, residential buildings, district energy, energy and natural resources, food and beverage, marine and offshore, refrigeration and air conditioning, and much more.

In the 1940s, Danfoss started to build an international presence and now serves customers in more than 100 countries.

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Amber Enterprises India

Website: http://www.ambergroupindia.com/

Amber Enterprises India Ltd. is a prominent solution provider for air conditioning OEM/ODM industry in India. The company has a dominant presence in the RACs complete unit and deals in major RAC components with 10 manufacturing facilities all over the country.

Amber’s expertise primarily lies in components such as heat exchangers, sheet metal components, injection molding components, and system tubing and motors. But aside from that, they also offer other kinds of products, such as indoor, outdoor, split, and window AC units, AC components (e.g. multi-flow condensers, plastic extrusion), and non-AC components (e.g. case liners for refrigerator, washing machine tub assemblies). As of right now, Amber has a long list of esteemed clients. Some of these clients include LG, Mahindra, Daikin, Hitachi, Blue Star, Carrier, and much more.

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Zamil Air Conditioners India

Website: https://www.zamilacindia.com/

Zamil Air Conditioners India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company, Saudi Arabia. The company officially entered the Indian air conditioner industry back in 2013.

ZAV India provides complete HVAC, MEP, and plumbing and firefighting solutions on a turnkey basis. The company is able to provide all these services through their fully equipped facilities that handle supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of large MEP, projects for all kinds of applications. Additionally, they offer a wide range of products, such as air conditioning and climate control systems, fiberglass and rock wool insulation’s, pre-insulated pipes, and much more.

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Patni Engineers

Website: http://www.patniengg.com/

Established in 2008, Patni Engineers is a well-known manufacturer of precision engineering products. In particular, the company is recognized as a leading provider of a wide range of industrial heat exchangers, such as air heat exchangers, coil heat exchangers, heat exchange equipment, helical heat exchangers, and much more.

With their engineering experience and good industrial knowledge, Patni Engineers can meet the precise needs of different industries, including power generation, power plants, oil and gas, and chemicals and process industries.

Settlers Engineers

Website: http://www.settlersengineers.com/

Established in 1991, Settlers Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, supply, manufacture, and commissioning of projects in the field of cooling towers. In fact, since the company’s establishment, they have supplied over 3,500 cooling towers in materials, such as treated timber, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), reinforced concrete cement (RCC), and even galvanized steel. In addition to cooling towers, they also offer heat exchangers.

Settlers Engineers has served many industries throughout the years. Some of these industries include chemical, captive power generation, cement, distillery, defense, fertilizer, heavy engineering, and much more.

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Unique Scientific Works

Website: http://www.uniquescientificworks.net/

Unique Scientific Works has only been established quite recently — just in the year of 2019 — but the company has already been dedicated to producing the finest laboratory equipment, valves, vessels, pipeline components, and many more. They are in Vadodara (Gujarat, India), and they have managed to attain a reputation extensively from a variety of markets.

Unique Scientific Works offers a wide variety of products. Some of their bestselling ones include laboratory glassware (e.g. beakers, condensers, etc.), industrial glassware (e.g. pipeline components, glass reactors, heat exchangers, etc.), and MS PTFE equipment (e.g. FEP lined butterfly valves, FEP lined ball valves, and much more).

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Thermotech Industries India

Website: http://www.thermotech-finnedtubes.com/

Thermotech Industries India Pvt. Ltd. has already had about 30 years of experience in the field of manufacturing finned tubes and heat exchangers before the company was officially established in 2004. Since that year, the company has taken major steps in enhancing their manufacturing facilities. In fact, they now have a workshop in Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai, and it measures 12,000 square feet of land.

Thermotech’s expertise lies in the manufacturing of finned tubes and heat exchangers, and their products can vary in their specifications, depending on the customers’ requirements. Additionally, the company follows the latest ASME codes for designing heat exchangers as well as the other standards and requirements of many other industries.

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Verma Food Processing System

Website: http://www.vermafoodsystem.in/

Established in 2008, Verma Food Processing System is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of frying systems, flavoring and mixing systems, feeding systems, handling equipment, conveyor systems, and storage equipment in India. Some of the company’s primary products include fryers, sieve separators, heat exchangers, material tanks, and many more. These products have been widely used in food processing industries for preparing and packing several types of food, like chips.

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The Bombay Engineering Works

Website: https://www.bombayengg.com/

Established in 1964, the Bombay Engineering Works is a well-known company that manufactures and exports machinery for the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic, Ayurveda, and herbal medicines. The company’s wide range of products includes fluid bed dryers, rapid mixer granulators, vacuum dryers, blenders, filters, heat exchangers, centrifuges, and many more.

As of right now, the Bombay Engineering Works has carved their unique place in the industry. Additionally, they have also garnered loyal sets of customers all over the world.

Didac International

Website: https://www.didacinternational.com/

Established in 1990, Didac International is a prestigious manufacturer of mechanical laboratory equipment, engineering teaching equipment, and many other products. The company has an extensive range of products, and for the sake of organization, they divide them into multiple categories. These categories are autoclaves, histology equipment, microscopes, laboratory equipment, sterilizers, test chambers, cleanroom equipment, petroleum testing instruments, analytical lab equipment, laboratory water solutions, pharmacology, and measuring meters.

Didac’s products have been widely used in universities, institutes, and many other industries. Aside from that, the company also offers a wide range of products that are designed specifically for civil engineering equipment, material testing equipment, electronics lab equipment, and electrical experiments, and other products.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Micro Heat Exchangers in India?

Every HVAC device is made up of numerous HVAC components. Out of these components, one of the most important is the micro heat exchanger.

A micro heat exchanger is a heat exchanger in which at least one fluid flows in lateral confinements with typical dimensions below 1 mm. With this kind of HVAC component, the design is simpler and all-aluminum, thus making it lightweight and immune to galvanic corrosion. Moreover, a micro heat exchanger is extensively used in residential and commercial air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment driven by energy efficiency and reduction of the refrigerant charge, high-performance aircraft gas turbine engines, and heat pumps.

Thus, micro heat exchangers are important for some HVAC devices. Because of that, it is your responsibility as an HVAC professional to make sure that your products have a quality micro heat exchanger. In order to do that, you would need a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier who can provide that for you.

Fortunately, you can find micro heat exchanger manufacturers and wholesale suppliers everywhere, especially in India. As a result, searching for one shouldn’t be too hard for you.

However, you do need to start your search somewhere, considering that there are too many manufacturers and suppliers out there, thus making it seem intimidating to start. That is the goal of this list: to give you a starting point. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. They have customers who are loyal and ready to attest to the quality of their products, so they have a great reputation. Basically, if you choose any of the companies mentioned,  you’re more likely going to be in great hands.



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