An HVAC system is composed of so many various parts and components. Some of these parts and components are striking, both in terms of appearance and purpose — examples include condensers, compressors, and evaporators. However, on the other hand, there are also other parts and components that may seem unremarkable at first glance because they are easily overlooked but that they are just as important as the others. A perfect example of this is refrigeration fittings. 

As the name suggests, refrigeration fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, usually soft steel, ductile (soft) copper, and aluminum, that is in refrigerators. Because of their small size, refrigeration fittings are easily overlooked. But in reality, they are actually important because they join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together. In other words, without refrigeration fittings, refrigerators will simply fall apart to pieces. 

Because of the importance of refrigeration fittings, it is crucial for HVAC systems, especially refrigerators, to have them. And it is your job as an HVAC professional to make sure that the systems you’re offering to your clients are equipped with the best refrigeration fittings. One way in which you’ll be able to do this is to first find a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of refrigeration fittings that can work with you. 

Luckily, there are a lot of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers out there. India alone is teeming with quite a number of them. That is why, if your business is based in India, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right manufacturer or wholesale supplier of refrigeration fittings for you. 

To help you get started, here are ten reputable manufacturers and wholesale suppliers for refrigeration fittings in China that you can start looking up.

Top Refrigeration Fitting Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in India

Parts and Spares


Established in 1998, Parts and Spares is a well-recognized organization that offers superior quality brass automobile components in India. Some of the company’s most popular products include brass refrigeration fittings, brass nuts, brass bolts, brass valves, brass rivets, brass screws, brass inserts, brass washers, and other brass components.

In the past ten years of the company’s presence in the brass forged components industry, they have been able to set new benchmarks in terms of production quality and supply for their competitors to follow. In fact, their products have earned their place in the market for their superior quality, long service life, and unmatched dimensional accuracy. 

Manibhadra Fittings


Manibhadra Fittings is a company that manufactures an extensive range of copper fittings and cupronickel pipe fittings in Mumbai, India. The company’s extensive range includes copper pipe fittings, copper fittings, copper tee fittings, copper elbow fittings, copper coupling fittings, copper socket fittings, and many more. These products are suitable for all air conditioning systems, refrigerators, plumbing, gas power plants, underwater systems, seawater, marine applications, and many more. 

In addition to manufacturing these products, Manibdahdra Fittings imports and exports them as well. Moreover, the company’s manufacturing process undergoes a strict six-step quality check procedure before dispatch. As a result, they are able to ensure optimum quality for all of their copper products. 

Multi Alloys International


Established in 2007, Multi Alloys International is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and importer of a wide array of copper bars, brass pipes and elbows, copper-nickel tubes, copper-nickel pipe fittings, copper alloy flanges, copper pipes, and many more. The company directs all their activities to cater to the expectations of customers by providing them excellent-quality products as per their specifications. 

Cool Link Services


Cool Link Services is a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of air conditioner brass fittings, air conditioner copper fittings, refrigerant brass distributors, brass distributors for AC, brass flare fittings, copper headers and tubings, and copper strainers and reducers. These products are designed for the total satisfaction of the customers. As a result, only premium-grade raw materials and advanced technology are used in the production of these products. 

Jugal Tube


Jugal Tube Pvt. Ltd. is one of the major manufacturers of copper and brass tubes, rods, strips, flats or bus bars, fun tubes, copper coils, and hot extruded and cold-drawn seamless copper alloy tubes. The company’s plant is located at the Gujarat State, which is the fastest-growing industrial area in the country. 

A constant investment programmed in the development of new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, and technical and administrative software allows Jugal Tube to offer a range of products that are of the highest quality. As a result, the company has been able to win the trust of over 450 clients within the country. 

Ishwar Trading


Founded in 1976, Ishwar Trading is a Mumbai-based importer, wholesale supplier, distributor, supplier, trader, and exporter of a wide array of valves and heating and air conditioning equipment. In particular, the company offers industrial refrigeration, line components, pressure-temperature controls, pressure-temperature regulators, stop valves, liquid-level controls, pressure sensors, safety valves, and many more. 

All these products are manufactured using the latest technology. And they are widely used in numerous fields as well, specifically oil and gas, medicine, machinery and plant engineering, water treatment, food and beverage, industrial plants, and agriculture industries worldwide. 

Numax Steels 


Established in 1978 in Bombay, Numax Steels is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of industrial steel products. In particular, the company’s primary products include pipes and tubes, sheets, plates, coils, round bars, flanges, buttweld fittings, socket weld fittings, fasteners, angles and channels, ferrule fittings, dairy and pharma fittings, copper fittings, and many more. 

Ever since the company’s inception, they have grown into a highly established brand and have served a long list of customers from domestic and international markets. As of right now, the majority of their revenues come from their overseas exports to clients in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and so on. Additionally, Numax Steels can apply their products even under third party inspection via Bureau Veritas, DNV H&G, Kavernor Power Gas, UDHE India, IBR, and many more.

Bohra Engineering and Trading 


Incepted in 1996, Bohra Engineering and Trading Corporation is engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, and exporting quality water heater parts and accessories. Some of their most popular products include machined items, plastic parts, sheet metal pressed components, and other proprietary items. In addition to these products, the company also provides turnkey projects, such as cooling towers and scrubbers. 

Because of the high quality of Bohra’s products, they are highly in demand in different parts of the world, such as Kuwait, Muscat, Dubai, the Middle East, the U.K., the U.S.A., Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand. 

RMS Precision Products


RMS Precision Products started their operations in 2005 as a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a comprehensive range of precision brass components. This range includes brass components, brass inserts, and brass-forged components. These precision components are manufactured using superior-grade of brass, aluminum, and copper. As a result, they are critically acclaimed for their dimensional accuracy, long life, robust construction, and high resistance to corrosion. Additionally, they are extensively applied in a number of industries, including automobile and machinery. 

Jainsons Industries


Jainson Industries started out in 1971, producing malleable pipe fittings. As of right now, the company continues to manufacture malleable galvanized pipe fittings for natural gas transmission, water supply, and fire fighting. To be more specific, some of Jainson’s most well-known products include elbows, sockets, unions, hex nipples, plugs, caps, crosses, reducer elbows, and many more. Additionally, the company also manufactures and sells forged brass valves, such as ball valves, gate valves, jolly check valves, foot valves, and black ductile iron screwed fittings. 

For over five years now, Jainson Industries has provided their products to numerous establishments within India. Some of their most well-esteemed clients include Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Delhi & Adani Gas, Toshiba, Fortis Hospital, Marriot Hospital, and many more. 

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Refrigeration Fittings in India?

When you first look at them, refrigeration fittings may seem unremarkable since they are usually tiny. But in reality, they are actually incredibly important. As the name suggests, refrigeration fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, usually soft steel, ductile (soft) copper, and aluminum, that is in refrigerators. In other words, refrigeration fittings join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together. This means that without refrigeration fittings, refrigerators will simply fall apart to pieces. 

Because of that, refrigeration fittings are a necessity for HVAC systems, especially refrigerators. And as an HVAC professional, you should ensure that the HVAC systems you’re selling are equipped with the highest-quality refrigeration fittings. One way in which you can achieve this is to have a reliable refrigeration fitting manufacturer or wholesale supplier by your side.

Luckily for you, there are so many of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers out there. You can literally find them everywhere, especially in India. And so, if your HVAC business is based in India and you’re looking for a refrigeration fitting manufacturer or wholesale supplier, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one just for your business.

However, the sheer number of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of refrigeration fittings has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it offers you so many options. But on the other hand, it makes the idea of starting your search incredibly intimidating. Because of this, you need a starting point. This list can then be your starting point — the one that will give you a head start in your search. After all, the ten companies listed above are already well-known and reputable names in the HVAC industry. Additionally, they also already have loyal customers who are ready to attest to the quality of their products. Long story short, if you choose any of the companies listed above, it’s most likely that you’re going to be in safe and reliable hands.



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