Out of all the inventions that we have seen throughout history, the refrigerator is arguably one of the most revolutionary. This is because, refrigerators keep food fresh for a longer time, thus minimizing the spoilage rate. Unlike the past when people had to rely on not-so-dependable methods just to keep the food from spoiling. In addition to that, there is a way to keep beverages cool, thus quenching people’s thirst and refreshing them whenever they want to. Basically, refrigerators are a blessing to us, and it is not a surprise that everyone wants to own one. 

         With this, it is your job as an HVAC professional to help these people find the right refrigerators for them. And that is why you also need to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier who can provide you with quality refrigerators that you can offer to your customers. Fortunately, these manufacturers and suppliers can be found literally everywhere, especially in China. So, if you’re in this country and you’re looking for a manufacturer or wholesale supplier of refrigerators, here are ten companies that you can consider:

Top Refrigerator Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in China

Ningbo City Junyue Refrigeration Equipment

Website: http://chinajunyue.jtygmb.com/

         Ningbo City Junyue Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of refrigerator compressors for over 30 years. With well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force, the company can supply various kinds of products. Some of their best selling ones include DC car refrigerators, DC compressor refrigerators, DC display cupboards, and some accessories, such as compressors, PV controllers, solar panels, storage batteries, 12V/24V power supply switch, handcart, refrigerator bag, fixed brackets, and many more. 

         The company’s brand, “Junyue,” is one of the most famous trademarks in China. In addition to that, the products have also enjoyed a great reputation and wide influence in both the domestic and international markets. 

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Qingdao Smad Electric Appliances

Website: http://www.smad.com.cn/

         Initially set up in 1999 and rebuilt in 2003, Qingdao Smad Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that manufactures a wide variety of electrical appliances. In fact, the company has more than 50 items in their product line, and their products range from freezers, refrigerators, wine cellars, showcases,and ice makers to washing machines. 

         As of right now, Smad has one sole proprietorship factory and two joint venture factories. The factories are equipped with top-level production equipment and testing facilities. In addition to that, they also have well-qualified engineers and highly trained staff. As a result, the company can guarantee products with superior quality, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. For that reason, they have earned the China CCC certificate as well as many other overseas certificates, such as CE, RoHS, ETL, and GOST. 

Foshan Nenwell Import and Export Trading

Website: http://www.nenwell.com

         Established in 2007, Foshan Nenwell Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of commercial refrigeration products. Some of their most commonly known products include upright showcase, cake showcase, ice cream showcase, chest freezer, mini-bar refrigerators, and many more. 

         The company has a team of technical engineers and workers who all have ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing. In addition to that, they also have a strict quality control system to make sure that every product meets the quality requirements of the customers. The company also provides excellent after-sale services in order to satisfy their customers, just in case they have any questions or problems. 

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Taizhou Tongbo New Energy

Website: http://www.tongbo.cc/

         Taizhou Tongbo New Energy Co., Ltd. is a well-established company that specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of electronics, electrical appliances, new energy, solar panels, and many more. To be more specific, the company is an integrated enterprise of a variety of solar controllers, energy-saving protectors, solar DC refrigerators, solar air conditioners, and solar water pumps.

         Tongbo claims they are guided by technology and dependent on quality; they also believe in the principle of “efficiency leads development.” Following this principle, the company is able to achieve numerous certifications for their products and services. Some of these certifications include CCEE, ISO9001, CE, RoHS. 

Procool Refrigeration Solution

Website: https://www.procoolmfg.com/

         Established in 1998, Procool Refrigeration Solution Co., Ltd. is a commercial refrigerator designer and manufacturer in China. For over 20 years, the company has always been a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and supply of commercial equipment for the food-service industry. They have a wide array of products, some of them being display coolers, bottle chillers, can coolers, tabletops, back bar coolers, chest freezers, upright display freezers, wine cellars, and kitchen refrigerators. 

These products are used in hotels, bars, food service, and promotions. In addition to that, Procool is the trusted manufacturer that over 100 brands turn to — brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frigoglass, and others. Also, their products have been shipped to more than 80 countries.

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Zhejiang Lide Electric Appliance 

Website: http://www.royu.com/

         Established in 1997, Zhejiang Lide Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that manufactures high-quality, innovative, and market-leading commercial refrigeration products for hospitality and retail sectors, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. In addition to that, the company also covers scientific research and development and has the self-support right of import and export. Their marketing network is all over the country as well as more than 60 overseas countries and regions. 

   With more than 20 years of operation now, Lide has principally engaged in five series of commercial refrigeration, namely upright, counter, displayer, ice machine, and GN series refrigerators. These products have been sold all over China as well as Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the U.S.A., and South America. They have been well-received for being attractive, durable, eco-friendly, and hygienic. 

Jiaxing New Light Solar Power Technology

Website: http://www.newlightchina.com/

         Jiaxing New Light Solar Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all-in-one solar lights, solar home systems, solar freezers, and solar fans. The core value of the company is to dedicate themselves to professional design, R&D,manufacture, and marketing sales, backed by customer service support. 

         The products have been manufactured using advanced mechanisms and superior materials. They are tested to ensure their quality . Once they’ve been approved, they are shipped to the customers in the U.S.A., the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and other areas all over the world. 

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Cixi Fast Cool Electrical Appliance

Website: https://www.chinafastcool.com/

         Founded in 2008, Cixi Fast Cool Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is in Cixi City, which is a small town on the southern shore of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in Ningbo, China. The company primarily specializes in the design and manufacture of PCBA, car refrigerators, ice machines, quick cooling machines, and wine-making machines. 

         As of right now, Fast Cool has three production lines, with an annual output of 500,000 units. Additionally, their products are tested prior to shipping, have been sold to more than ten countries, including Korea, Japan, Europe, America, and many more. 

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Shandong Xuelifang Import and Export

Website: http://www.cnxuelifang.com

         Shandong Xuelifang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a technology-type enterprise in the commercial refrigeration industry. The company has advanced CNC manufacturing, testing equipment, and large-scale production lines. Their primary products include deli cabinet, display cabinet, seafood cabinet, island cabinet, ice porridge cabinet, fresh meat cabinet, cake cabinets, and other series products. 

         The company firmly establishes the enterprise belief of “quality-oriented, credible and reliable, and customer first.” Additionally, they adhere to the business strategy of “people-oriented, technological innovation” and take the road of “systematization, normalization, and standardization.”

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Apex Refrigeration Equipment

Website: https://www.apexcool.com/

         Apex Refrigeration Equipment Ltd. has specialized in the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment for over ten years now. Located in Foshan City, the company has become one of the leading export suppliers in beverage cooler and supermarket refrigeration equipment. 

         Apex offers a wide range of products. Some of their bestselling ones are upright cooler, upright freezer, beer cooler, minibar, open chiller, commercial refrigerator, and more than 150 models in total. The products have been used in beverage, food, grocery stores, supermarkets, and many more industries. Additionally, they have been widely sold in countries like the U.S.A., Canada, England, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, and many more. 

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Refrigerators in China?

         Refrigerators are a great investment for anyone in the world. They keep our food fresh for a longer time, and they also provide us with a way to keep refreshments. And for that reason, people would want to have one for themselves because life is made easier by refrigerators . 

         That is why, as an HVAC professional, it is important that you’re ready to provide your customers with the right refrigerator for them. And for you to achieve that, you need to have a reliable manufacturer or supplier of refrigerators by your side. Luckily for you, refrigerator manufacturers or suppliers can be found anywhere all over the world, especially in China. In a way, you won’t have a hard time finding one for yourself. 

However, despite that, you do need to start your search somewhere since there are so many companies out there. The ten companies mentioned above are a good place to start your search. This is primarily because these companies have already established their names in the HVAC industry. They have loyal customers who vouch for the quality of their products, thus giving them all a great reputation. If you choose any of these companies, it’s most likely a guarantee that you’re going to be in safe hands. 


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