Ever since refrigerators were invented, the world has never stayed the same. This is primarily because refrigerators have provided the ultimate solution to an age-old problem of food spoilage and preservation. Way back in the past, people had no way of storing food in a way that could last a long time. Sure, they had established a few creative methods, but all the same, their food storage would still get spoiled way faster than anyone would like.

And then, suddenly, refrigerators came into existence. Just like that, people now have a way to preserve food — to make everything last longer, thus avoiding wasting food. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that refrigerators are considered a necessity by literally everyone — whether it’s for a household or for an industrial business. And so, as an HVAC professional, it is your job to tend to the refrigerator needs of these people.

But first, you would need a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier of refrigerators by your side. This is something that you shouldn’t worry too much about because there are so many of these manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. India is crowded with them. And so, if you’re an India-based HVAC professional and you’re looking for a manufacturer, here are ten companies that you can consider:

Top Refrigerator Manufacturers/Wholesale Suppliers in India

Mohan Brothers

Website: https://www.mohanbrosindia.com/

Established in 1955, Mohan Brothers is an ISO9001: 2008 certified company that has grown to become a reliable manufacturer, trader, supplier, and exporter of laboratory equipment. In particular, the company manufactures products — under the brand name of Ambros — for machine laboratories, heat transfer, structural mechanics, refrigeration, and AC laboratory. Their wide variety of products is divided into three distinct departments, namely Machine Lab Equipment, Thermodynamics Lab Equipment, and Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment. And these products are widely and particularly utilized in educational engineering labs.

Mohan Brothers takes pride in the fact that their products are well-received by their clients for their user-friendliness, accurate results, longer life, and excellent performance. The company also exports globally, thus reaching customers all over the world.

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White Westinghouse USA-Jet India

Website: https://www.jet-india.co.in/

White Westinghouse USA-Jet India was founded in 1995 as a collaboration with the well-known brand, White Westinghouse, USA. The company is primarily an importer, exporter, manufacturer, and distributor of air curtains, PVC strip curtains, and washroom equipment. In addition to that, they also import and export a wide range of dehumidifiers.

To be more specific, some of the most popular products that Jet India offers include heat pump dehumidifiers, wine coolers, bar refrigerators, air curtains, air purifiers, and many more. Their products have been extensively used in the industries of food, pharmacy, computers and electronics, hospitals, hostels, optical, recording studios, and art galleries. And in addition to that, these products have also been sold to countries outside of India, such as the Middle East, and South and West Africa.

Mahadev Steels

Website: http://www.mahadevsteels.com/

Incorporated in 1998, Mahadev Steels is a leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture, particularly stainless-steel products. Some of the company’s well-known products are kitchen equipment, railing, grill gates, exhausts, fresh air systems, and many more. These products have been widely used in numerous hotels, resorts, gardens, buildings, hospitals, and many more public and private sectors.

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Fabrinox Potnis India

Website: http://www.fabrinoxpotnisindia.in/

Founded in 2003 in Navi Mumbai, Fabrinox Potnis India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the sought-after brands for kitchen equipment in India. It is the company’s mission to continuously commit to improvement and innovation to provide the best quality solutions to their customers, thus making them a reputed manufacturer of stainless-steel equipment in India. Additionally, they also want to be recognized as a leader in premium food equipment and service through customer-driven innovation, product and industry expertise, best-in-class equipment, superior customer care, and operational excellence.

With all their dedication to providing the best possible products and services, Fabrinox has been awarded as the Best Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Brand in Mumbai for the year 2014–2015 by World Travel Award Brands Academy.

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KGN Kitchen Equipment

Website: http://www.kgnkitchenequipment.in/

Incepted in 2016, KGN Kitchen Equipment is a dependable manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a wide range of kitchen products. Some of the company’s most popular products include baking ovens, refrigerators, display counters, kitchen cooking equipment, food processing equipment, and exhaust equipment.

KGN Kitchen Equipment takes pride in the fact that they have maintained a fully equipped infrastructure that helps them manufacture and deliver supreme quality products that match the specific requirements of the clients. Additionally, the products that they sell are offered at highly competitive prices, thus giving the company a reputed market position.

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Mahto Kitchen Care

Website: http://www.mahtokitchencare.com/

Established in 2003, Mahto Kitchen Care is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of kitchen appliances. The company operates their business from New Delhi, and they offer a wide range of products. Some of their bestselling ones include baking ovens, four-burner ovens, tilting frying pans, double-deep fat fryer, under-counter refrigerators, drinking water cooler, and many more.

In order to ensure the quality of their products, Mahto Kitchen Care makes high-quality raw materials like stainless steel, mild steel plates, and copper coils. Additionally, their computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) facilities are ready to provide premium quality products as per the specific requirements of their customers. With their dedication to maintaining a high quality for their products, the company has earned many reputable clients, such as Crown Plaza, Bulbul Resort & Hotel, GRD Inn, TDI Infrastructure, and much more.

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J.M. Enterprises

Website: https://www.jm-enterprises.co.in/

Established in 2005 in Delhi, J.M. Enterprises is a credible name that manufactures, exports, and supplies different types of kitchen products. Most prominently, these products are kitchen equipment, cold equipment, display counters, preparation equipment, dishwashing machines, table trolleys, and vegetable cutters. All these products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials that make them durable and reliable. Additionally, they also undergo rigorous tests to check their quality. Because of all of this, J.M. Enterprises has been renowned for their excellence in the market since the company’s establishment.

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Pooja Cooling Product

Website: http://www.poojacoolingproduct.co.in/

Established in 1992, Pooja Cooling Product is a company headquartered in Surat that is involved in the manufacturing and supplying of a variety of cooling products. Some of the company’s well-known products include deep freezers, display counters, stainless steel water coolers, chest freezers, bottle coolers, cold storage rooms, industrial water chiller, soda fountain dispenser, vertical refrigerators, and many more.

Pooja Cooling Product has a huge and state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that helps them in completing their consignments of freezers and water coolers qualitatively and quantitatively. The unit is divided into separate sections like processing unit, packaging unit, warehousing unit, logistics unit, and many others. The products that Pooja Cooling Product offers are sold in different markets at the best market-leading prices. And they are also distributed to major industries all over India.

RCA Kitchen Equipment

Website: http://www.rcakitchenequipment.in/

Established in 2011, RCA Kitchen Equipment is a dependable manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of kitchen products. The wide assortment of products that the company offers includes stainless steel products, display counters, four-door refrigerators, water coolers, and many more.

The products of RCA Kitchen Equipment have received recognition for their accuracy, precision, efficiency, packaging, and pricing. Additionally, their customers can obtain the finest quality products from the company at highly competitive prices.

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Perfect Kitchen Equipment

Website: https://www.perfectkitchenequipments.co.in/

Perfect Kitchen Equipment is a manufacturer of all kinds of modern commercial kitchen equipment, such as cooking ranges, dosa plants, and refrigerators. In addition to the manufacturing of stainless-steel kitchen products, the company also offers services in kitchen design and layout, plumbing and drainage design, fresh airflow and exhaust system design, gas pipeline supply design, and cold storage solutions.

The products that Perfect Kitchen Equipment offers have been extensively used in bars, restaurants, star hotels, bakeries, and many more. Some of their esteemed clients include Abbes Bar & Restaurant, Hotel First Transit, Mandar Restaurant, Yellow Chilli, Nizam Club, and many more.

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Supplier of Refrigerators in India?

The refrigerator is arguably one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. This is mostly because the refrigerator makes food storage a whole lot easier, and by extension, it makes our lives easier as well. Because of this, refrigerators have become a need for everyone currently.

That is why, as an HVAC professional, you should be ready to tend to the needs of these people. For you to do that, you need to have a reliable manufacturer or supplier of refrigerators right by your side. This manufacturer or supplier will be the one to provide you with high-quality refrigerators that you can offer to your customers. Luckily, refrigerator manufacturers or suppliers can be found anywhere all over the world, especially in India. Because of this, you won’t have a hard time finding one for yourself.

However, because there are so many companies out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That said, it is a good idea to begin your search with the companies on this list. This is primarily because these companies are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. The customers  are loyal and ready to attest the quality of their products, thus giving them all a great reputation. If you choose any of the companies mentioned in the list above, you shouldn’t worry anymore.



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