Refrigerators are truly a benefit to everyone in this world. This is mostly because refrigerators have solved the age-old problem of food preservation. Before, people couldn’t store food in a way that could last a long time. Yes, there were a few creative methods, but they didn’t really stop food spoilage from happening way too fast.

Then, out of nowhere — someone invented the refrigerator. Suddenly, nothing stays the same anymore because there is now a way to preserve food and avoid spoilage.  Refrigerators are understandably considered a necessity by practically everyone in the world. And as an HVAC professional, it is your job to help these people with their refrigerator needs.

For you to do that, you would need a reliable manufacturer or supplier of refrigerators by your side first. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem because there are so many of these manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. Pakistan has a ton of them. That is why, if you’re an HVAC professional based in Pakistan and you’re looking for a manufacturer, here are ten companies that you can consider:

Top Refrigerator Wholesale Suppliers/Manufacturers in Pakistan

Caravell Frost Industries


Established in 1979, Caravell Frost Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration solutions in Pakistan. Some of the products that the company offers include cooler refrigerators, chest freezers, air curtains, refrigerated walk-in cold storerooms, reefer containers, showcase display counter fridges, milk chillers, and many more.

In order to facilitate manufacturers of soft drinks, chilled and frozen food items in proper display and presentation of their products, the company’s technical and research teams make constant efforts to introduce new elegant designs. Because of their dedication to improvement and innovation, Caravell is considered as one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration products in the country.

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Pak Elektron Limited


Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) was founded in 1956 through a technical collaboration with AEG and then in 1979 was acquired by Saigol Group. PEL is an engineering company that specializes in the manufacturing of major home appliances and electrical equipment. The company is divided into two departments. The first department, the power division, deals with the manufacturing of transformers, grid stations, energy meters, and other related products. On the other hand, the second department, the appliances division, deals with the making, assembling, and distributing of home appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.

Throughout the years that the company has been in business, PEL has formed alliances with several international corporations, such as General Electric, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. Additionally, they also became the sole distributor of LG Corporation’s home appliances in 2009.

Ice Age Industries


Established in 1992, Ice Age Industries is a private company that produces electrical products for both domestic and commercial use. In 2006, the company ventured into the refrigeration market, and currently, their wide range includes over 31 different models of refrigerators in glass doors and VCM sheet. In addition to that, they also have over 15 different models of the chest-type deep freezer range. All these choices provide their customers with a wide variety to choose the perfect one that suits their needs.

Ice Age has produced countless quality products for over 26 years now, they have garnered a long list of reputable clients. Some of their popular clients include Coca-Cola, Shandy, RC Cola, Igloo Ice Cream, Engro, and many more.



Established in 1980, Dawlance is a recognized company that manufactures and sells major home appliances. Their primary products include microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators. Their refrigerators reportedly stand out from the rest in the market. This is because their refrigerators have a supreme cooling system, advanced technology, and stylish design. In fact, it is because of their innovative and high-tech refrigerators that Dawlance holds a big share in the market.

In 2016, Dawlance was acquired by the Istanbul-based country of Arçelik for $258 million, and since then, Dawlance functions as a wholly owned brand for Arçelik.

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Orient Electronics


Orient Electronics was founded in 2005 and since then has been a symbol of innovation in Pakistan. The company is also one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics companies in the country. They offer a broad range of home appliances, thus resulting in them introducing modern technologies in the industry at a very affordable price. Some of Orient’s bestselling products include air conditioners, LED TVs, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwaves, and other small appliances. Orient products can be accessed from Orient Centers located all over the country as well as local dealers.

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Cool Tech Air Conditioning and Refrigeration


Based in Lahore, Cool Tech Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a company that offers complete and expert services for maintenance, installation, repairing, and system expansion on air conditioning and heating systems. In addition to that, the company also offers a wide array of products that include air conditioning, heating, and chilling units. They also provide the best available parts and supplies for repairing and servicing air conditioning and refrigeration-related products.

Because of Cool Tech’s dedication to offering the best services and products as possible, the company has garnered a list of reputable clients. Some of these clients include Punjab Institute of Cardiology, LDA, Toyota, Isuzu, and many more.

Haier Pakistan


Haier Group is a collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company that was founded in 1984 in China. However, over time, the corporation has slowly branched out to other countries, and now they have production facilities in Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, India, and Jordan.

In Pakistan particularly, Haier is considered as one of the largest companies in the home appliances market. Some of the bestselling products that Haier Pakistan offers include refrigerators, air conditioning units, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and handsets. Their refrigerators and washing machines have been ranked on Euro Monitor International’s ranking.

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Changhong Ruba


Established in 1958 in China, Changhong is a company that specializes in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of consumer electronics products. The Ruba Group, which was established in 1971, is an electronics conglomerate in Pakistan. These two massive corporations collaborated with each other to establish a new innovative brand, the “Changhong Ruba,” specifically for the Pakistani market.

Changhong Ruba has diversified businesses, such as textiles and trading companies based in Dubai and Singapore. In addition to that, they are also committed to providing excellent and innovative goods in Pakistan as well as become well known in the electronics industry within the country. Some of the most popular products that this company offers include air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, sound systems, microwave ovens, and LED.

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Waves-Singer Pakistan


Waves-Singer Pakistan Ltd. has become a merged company with the acquisition of Cool Industries Pvt. Ltd. by Singer Pakistan in 2017. Prior to the merging, both companies are well-known.

Singer was established in 1853, and the founder, Isaac Merritt Singer, was the one who manufactured the first-ever sewing machine. The company then established their presence in the Indian subcontinent in 1877 where they continued the business of sewing machines in Pakistan as well as started dealing in domestic consumer appliances.

Meanwhile, Cool Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1971, and the company is the owner of the Waves brand of consumer appliances, such as split air conditioners and microwaves. When these two companies merged, the new company now deals with a variety of appliances, particularly washing machines, refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioners, sewing machines, and much more.

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Sigma Refrigeration 


Sigma Refrigeration Ltd. was established only in 2012, but despite that, the company has become one of the emerging stars in the appliances market in Pakistan. The company primarily deals with four kinds of home appliances, namely refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and LED TVs.

The company takes immense pride in their collaboration with Electrolux, which is a European Giant in the manufacturing of branded consumer durables. Additionally, they are also committed to improving the quality of living of their customers with their range of products through constant innovation and after-sales services.

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier of Refrigerators in Pakistan?

The refrigerator is an incredibly revolutionary invention. It can store foodstuff for a far longer time, and this results in our lives becoming infinitely easier. Because of this, refrigerators have become a necessity for everyone in our world right now.

And so, as an HVAC professional, it is your job to tend to the needs of these people. For you to do that, you need to have a reliable manufacturer or supplier of refrigerators right by your side. That way, they can provide you with quality refrigerators that you can offer to your customers. Fortunately, refrigerator manufacturers or suppliers can be found anywhere all over the world, especially in Pakistan. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one for yourself.

However, since there are so many companies out there, it can be hard to determine where to start. That is the purpose of this list: to give you a starting ground. The ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. They have customers who are loyal and ready to attest to the quality of their products, thus giving them all a great reputation. That is why, if you choose any of the companies mentioned in the list above, you shouldn’t worry anymore because now, you’re going to be in great hands.



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