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  • The GFX series suction line filter-drier, uses a high-density filter that effectively filters impurities. It is installed at the end of the system to focus protection on the compressor.
  • The GAD series solid core liquid line filter drier uses a high-quality compression of small, spherical particles sintered into the desiccant module. It is combined with a high-density filter cloth that dries and effectively filters the system of water residue and debris.
  • The GEK series molecular liquid line filter-drier uses high quality compressed spherical desiccant that is compressed through automatic integration with high-density filters in the cylinder body. It acts as a drying filter that can effectively filter your system of residual water and debris. Note: For use in R410a system, please advise us, so we can use XH-11 desiccant for better performance.
  • The GEG series liquid line filter drier/sight glass combination is a liquid line filter drier with a sight glass brazed directly to the outlet side of the filter drier. The filter drier is designed with a 3A molecular sieve desiccant for excellent moisture adsorption with CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. The filter media removes small particles down to 10 microns in size from the refrigerant to help prevent plugging orifices and tubes. The pre-assembled combination reduces the amount of field brazing required, saving both time and reducing the potential for leaks. The sight glass allows technicians to see the refrigerant in its’ current state. It helps to identify poorly charged systems that have poor airflow across the condenser coil or system. The sight glass has a built-in moisture indicator which provides visual color change from green to yellow in response to the moisture content of the refrigerant, indicating the need for service.
  • The GPL series has a filter core that can be replaced. Our filter cylinder removes most impurities found in refrigerant. It also effective at protecting a new compressor that has been installed to replace a burnt out one.
  • This series of filter core and removable filter cylinder shell are the most commonly used. These filters are replaceable and their size is universal. They effectively dry and filter out foreign pollutants. The Filter Core can replace the filter core in the GPL Filter Cylinder.
  • The GFK series Bi-Flow liquid line filter-drier, uses high-quality compression of small spherical particles in the sintered desiccant module. It has a high-density filter mesh and at each end of the installation a non-reflux valve that reverses impurities. It effectively filters residual water and debris in the system.
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