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Insulated Copper Tube


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The insulated pipe is made by low density polyethylene. The pipe can be coated with other materials to make it more good looking and resist to corrosion. The main characteristics of it are keeping temperature, endure with heat, resist to corrosion and fire. The pipe can be used in many areas. For example, the outdoor linkage pipes of split type air conditioners, hot water pipe and internal pipes of air-conditioners.

100 in stock

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  • We also customize pipes(Max length = 50m).
  • The size of the outer diameter and the thickness of insulation pipe can be customized with special orders.
  • Insulated pipe can be made with black rubber material.
  • The two ends of the pipes can be covered with copper heads.

Standard Size of single-pipe type

Standard size of twin-pipe type


Insulation Pipe


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