Popular Materials to make Fan Guards, Motor Mounts and Grilles

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Popular Materials to make Fan Guards, Motor Mounts and Grilles


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There are many different types of fan guards and motor mounts made for the HVACR industry, and several different materials used to make them. The most popular being Carbon Steel, followed by Stainless Steel, and last of all Plastic. Many companies working in the industry wonder which material is best to use for a fan guard that will best fit their specifications.

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Carbon Steel fan guards is the most common product for Fan Guards in the HVACR industry. The smallerĀ  fan guards are usually used in the computer industry with a plated finish. Medium to large fan guards and fan grilles are used for many products, they are mostly used on air conditioning and condensing units.

Carbon steel fan guards are the most economical for the selection and wide size range. Depending on the specifications, these units are made in two ways. Either continuous strands of Carbon Steel wire or individual rings (I personally think individual rings look better). For consistent quality, wires are welded to the frame for strength using a Jig. They can then be finished in a powder coating of any colour, or can be plated with zinc or chrome.

Stainless Steel fan guards are more costly but are needed for unique situations, such as hazardous environments or extreme conditions. Stainless Steel fan guards are usually made with 304 Stainless Steel and like the Carbon Steel can be made in all the same sizes and designs. Like their Carbon Steel counterparts, Stainless guards are made using continuous strands or individual rings depending on the specifications.

Plastic fan guards offer maximum strength and airflow, and are used in all types of commercial industries. Plastic fan guards are injection molded using a wide variety of plastics in many configurations. They are also more flexible and can withstand higher impact without damage. Most plastic fan guards when hit will give a little bit and go back to the original shape, and if damaged they can be easily replaced. When large quantities are needed this option is the most cost effective.

There are many different choices when purchasing fan guards and the material is one of the first things to consider. GSI will help find the solutions you need. Every fan guard is different and our experts will take much of the guess work out of your decision making.

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