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Safety Latches & Inside Release Handles


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Safely Latches & Inside Release Handles

100 in stock

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  1. Safety Mechanism – Even if locked with a lock or pad lock, the door can be opened by operation an inside safety push rod from the inside.
  2. Crime preventive design – The body and the catch can be secure with from both the door outside and inside.
  3. Can be used for right or left hand doors.
  4. With stainless steel screws M6 x 25 7PCS, M4 x 20 3PCS.


  • Product weight: AH-117 B: 1.90 KGS, AH-117 BL: 1.70 KGS.
  • Material: Zinc Alloy.
  • Finished: Chrome Plated.
  • Used for: Large doors of pre-fabricated refrigerators, freezers and dry warehouses.
  • Suggest using hinge:
    • AH-117B: AH-1450/AH-1460/AH-1470/AH-1238
    • AH-117BL: AH-1230/1161
  • Packing: 12 SETS/BOX
    • BOX SIZE: 480mm*290mm*400mm
    • Net Weight: 22 KGS
    • Gross Weight: 24 KGS



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