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SPLY With Flange Air-Conditioning Oil Separator


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The oil separator separates oil from the refrigerant gas, improving the performance of your refrigeration or air conditioning system. Its function enters the inlet of the oil separator from the compressor refrigerant and oil mixture, this mixture flows through a filter and a baffle device, making the oil particles aggregate and drop to the bottom of the oil separator. The refrigerant gas will goes through the outlet, and enter the condenser under oil-less status when the filter separates the remaining oil particles from the gas. The oil of the refrigerant aggregates at the bottom of the oil separator, and a needle valve operated by a floating ball is opened to let oil return to the compressor. Since the pressure of the oil separator is higher than the pressure of the crankcase, the oil can quickly return to the compressor. When the oil level drops, the needle valve is closed to prevent the refrigerant gas from returning to the compressor. The oil separator system is mostly installed in the multiple compressor racks of supermarkets and air conditioning, system with long refrigerant lines, system with problems of internal oil return, ultra- temperature system and system using HCFC, HFC and relative lubricants.

100 in stock

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  • Hermetical construction with steel oil-return system(1/4″ or 3/8″ SAE connection)
  • Reliable floating valve to shut-off system
  • Solid copper connection
  • Flange is easy to disassembled, check and repair
  • Anti-corrosive spurting model
  • For a variety of refrigerant R12, R134A, R22, R404A, R407C, R410A, R500, R502, R-507
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3.5MPa/500Psig
  • With the UL and CE certification


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