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Good news! blog.goldstonehvacr.com is now officially accepting guest posts!

Dear marketers, please read the instructions and requirements below before submitting a guest post topic to avoid unnecessary rejection!

Why write guest posts about HVAC for us?

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Who’s our target audience? 

Generally speaking, our target audiences are HVAC professionals. The demographics are:

  • HVAC professionals who either own an HVAC business or is working for one
  • People who are passionate about everything related to HVAC and who want to make a difference in the industry
  • Preferably living in North America
  • Age: between 28 to 60

HVAC guest post guideline (requirement)

This is the most important part of this page, so PLEASE read the bullet points thoroughly!

  1. Usual word count: 1200+words/article (Yes, we only accept “epic posts”).
  2. Target audience: Our target readers are HVAC professionals who are passionate about everything related to HVAC.
  3. It’s all about the audience: Again, our target audience is an HVAC professional who wants to take the HVAC industry to a whole new level. This is the kind of person who is so passionate about HVAC that their primary goal is to continuously improve their service so that they can serve people better. When proposing your topics, think about what the overlapping part is. 
  4. Make it helpful: We want our guest post to be in-depth articles that are informative, educational, helpful to our readers. It doesn’t necessarily about TorontoHVAV. 
  5. Purpose of the content: To educate and provide an in-depth answer about living in Toronto. No, you’re NOT writing an advertorial, seriously!
  6. Style/Tone: The tone should be conversational, as though you’re directly talking to a friend or an acquaintance.

HVAC guest post topics examples

Goldstone -Blogs is actively looking for topics that are not only educational, inspirational, and illuminating but also engaging for our readers. The topics should be something that our readers would want to read about because they would be able to broaden their knowledge and improve their service after reading the articles.

To give you a better idea of what we’re looking for, here are a few sample topics:

  • How to find a reliable HVAC supplier?
  • How to troubleshoot A/C
  • What to look for in an HVAC manufacturer?

How to propose your HVACR blog topics?

Please propose at least 3-5 topics before drafting your article. 

Legal stuffs

Please send an article that not yet written on our site and on other sites. We want an exclusive article ONLY for HVACInsiderNews.com  By submitting your proposed topics, you’re agreeing with our writing guidelines. We have the right to edit and revise your article in any way.